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Pilates- A movement meditation

Posted Sep 07 2008 2:18am

by Lesley Powell

Pilates is more than getting into shape and looking better. Of course, Pilates will change your posture through developing your core muscles with your entire body. Many clients claim that clothes fit different with Pilates. Pilates trains your muscles to hold your posture well. When you slump, your clothes hang poorly. As you improve your posture, you will look better.

Pilates invites into your body lifelong habits of wellness and vitality. When we are young, we think only about our appearance. We take for granted our youth. Pilates will teach you how to keep your body flexible and strong. This is the essence of youth. Most of our adult lives, our movements become less. When you do not move fully, the body tightens up. Pilates takes all of your joints to a fuller range of motion. Every movement of Pilates invites ease of motion, flexibility and strength. Part of the problem of getting old is stiffness and weakness. Pilates will keep a spring in your step.

Pilates is a movement meditation. Pilates trains your mind. By centering your mind on the gift of your body, you will learn stress-free techniques. By focusing on the essence of life; breath and the feelings of the body moving, teaches you how to control your mind.

Pilates is a full mindbody technique that changes your body and your mind. Pilates teaches you how to control your mind and your body to new visions of vitality, wellness and health. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all found the true gift of our lives: our bodies and mind, instead of superficial gifts of consumerism.

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