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Pessimism Delivers Disappointment not Surprises

Posted Nov 03 2008 8:47pm
"Now you might understand why a person who says, "I always get parking space," gets them. Or why a person who says, "I am really lucky, I win things all the time," wins one thing after another, all the time. These people expect it. Begin to expect great things, and as you do, you will create your life in advance." - The Secret desk calendar for August 3, 2008

I am wondering if I'm doing this to myself, creating everything around me by the thoughts in my head. I know how powerful that is, but sometimes my bitchy thoughts can't help but push through to the surface, no matter how much I try to stifle them (knowing the Universe is always listening).

My anniversary on Friday? I knew we wouldn't do anything special, although I held out until the last minute with a little dribble of hope that maybe I was wrong. Nope.

Yesterday? The promise of doing something more exciting than the usual routine was given to me, but I had a hunch that it was typical 'lip service' just to get me off the subject and focused on something, anything else. I knew we weren't going to leave the ranch, and did we? NOPE.

See I have mixed feelings about situations like this. I tend to look pessimistically at the situations surrounding my life here, because I learned early on that disappointment hurts. So pessimism should bring surprises now and again, when I expected less but received more... sounds good in theory, doesn't it? Except it DOESN'T WORK! NEVER!

So I guess my own living experiment with all of this has proven that the Law of Attraction is attracting the situations to my pessimistic attitude and delivering my disappointment. I am going to set about changing my mindset. Its the only way things are ever going to change...
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