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Oye Vey

Posted Dec 08 2012 11:20am

I’m not sure if I should share this but as I said on Thursday , I started writing LAB as an “online diary” or a “scrapbook” per se, a place where I could look back over time and reflect upon the experiences that I had- to learn from my failures and to share my successes.  I never kept a diary when I was younger, I never had anything to hide.  Rather, I spoke what was on my mind and that’s exactly what I want to do on LAB too.

Per Friday tradition, I planned to share a Favorite Finds post yesterday.   It was a busy day so I planned to post after I got home from work, but those plans were put on hold after scrolling through a website that essentially bashes bloggers for the things that they say and share.  I was appalled.

How could someone, or rather people, sit behind their computers and rip people to shreds?  My mind started racing.  Do these people have nothing better to do?  Do they even know the people that they’re talking about?  Do they have feelings?  Do they feel remorse?  I don’t know them so I can’t say, but it’s horrible.

After scrolling through some of the forums I saw that 2 of my pictures were posted.  My heart was shattered.  I felt humiliated and hurt, precisely how those people wanted me to feel.  I froze.  For a moment I seriously felt no emotions and it felt as if everything around me stood still.  I felt like I had done something wrong for posting those pictures on my own, personal blog.  I’d be lying if I said that I took it lightly.

I immediately told my family and friends that I wanted to stop blogging, that not blogging would be easier than continuing and possibly experiencing more instances like this in the future.  So, that’s what I did.  I didn’t blog last night.  Ryan and I sat on the couch, ordered take-out, and watched FNL.  It’s exactly what those people wanted and I fell asleep hurting.

This morning my mind was still racing.  I’ll never understand why people can be so cruel to others but what I do know is that I need to practice what I preach…  It’s cliche but it’s true, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  I blog for me and no one else.  I am so honored and beyond thankful for my family and friends who have and continue to support me throughout all of my endeavors, LAB included.  I am also thankful for my blends who continue to blog themselves because I love reading their stories just as much as I enjoy sharing mine.

Just like I have the choice whether or not to blog, readers have the choice to read.  I know that I’ll never be able to please everyone and I’m sorry if the pictures I post or the words I share somehow bother you or you find them offensive, those are not my intentions.  I shouldn’t have to feel sorry or as if I need to apologize for blogging.  I can assure you that any information or pictures of my family or friends were approved before I share them on my blog for the rest of the world to see.  If you want to share them too, I’m honored because that means somehow they caught your attention.

Now that all of my rambles are off my chest I’m going to enjoy my weekend.  There’s Christmas shopping to be done, our fridge is bare, a long run sounds relaxing, my nails need some TLC, and I’m debating running in a Santa 5k tomorrow morning!  Oh, and no pancake breakfast this morning *gasp*- I’m starting a new challenge…  More details and a pancake post are planned for tomorrow.  I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend :D

P.S.  If you didn’t catch on, I’m not giving up on blogging, LAB’s sticking around.  Catch ya later!

Thursday…  #elf4Health 12/6 Day 11:  Lets lift weights! Try an exercise you’ve never done today.  I ran 4 miles, walked 20 minutes, and completed this no-equipment needed strength routine .

Yesterday…  #elf4Health 12/7 Day 12:  Go makeup free today!  Show us your natural beauty.  Did and done!  Click here to check out Lindsay’s collages of all the beautiful faces!

This weekend…  #elf4Health 12/8-9 Day 13 and 14:  Plan out your meals for the week and write your workouts down in your planner.  It’s going to be a busy week- I’m traveling for work on Tuesday and then Ryan and I are traveling for a friend’s wedding- planning ahead will be helpful!

***Today is the last day of the Elf for Health round 1 challenges.  If you’re interested in joining almost 1,000 others for round 2, click here to register.  Registration closes at 11:59PM tonight.***

— Allison

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