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Posted Jan 20 2010 12:00am
I watched the movie "Yes Man" with my dad a few days ago, and laughed hysterically the whole time. If you haven't seen it, the basic plot is that a guy who is living (but not really living) makes a covenant to "Say Yes" to everything! This is supposed to open up more opportunities for him.

I 100% believe that saying "yes" is better than saying "no"... finding a positive spin on something that seems negative will open a lot more opportunities than allowing that negativity to get the best of you.

Yesterday I woke up went through my normal routine, and eventually picked up my phone to call a friend and plan out an afternoon run. Well, GUESS WHAT? My phone has been shut off. I knew it was coming, I knew Verizon would eventually go through with it. I hate to have to be so irresponsible with bills, but I know there is a light at the end of this tunnel as soon as I start my job and start making some serious bank (for me) in a week. At some point (with the bills) I decided to just prioritize because there was no way I could afford it all. Oh well... my phone has been shut off... no big deal, I have a land line, AND the internet at my fingertips with my laptop...

... or so I thought....

I sat down to check out some of my favorite blogs yesterday, and completely out of nowhere, as I'm typing and clicking away, my computer went BLACK. It wont turn on, it wont make noises, and even when it is plugged in, it's as if the power cord is not even connected (which I'm hoping is the problem). So now I'm stuck on my families slow computer that has had every virus in the world, trying to stay in contact. I almost don't know what to do!!

There is one thing I know I must do though, I MUST remain positive.

It's hard to stay positive when a beautiful computer that cost $1000+ is possibly broken beyond repair, never mind my phone being cut off, just to remind me that I'm still on thin ice financially... but my intuition told me to look for opportunities, so I will take the opportunity to write them here

New opportunities that have opened up
  1. -I have the opportunity to start fresh! I can save for a new computer (a better one!), and not have to worry about any of those old documents, or bad memories that I may have held onto.
  2. -I have the opportunity to consider a new phone service, which opens up the opportunity for a new phone... one that might have capabilities that may be helpful to have in my pocket.
  3. -I have the opportunity to disconnect myself a bit from the control of technology, and reevaluate what I can and can not live without.
  4. -I have the opportunity to go to sleep earlier, so I can get completely back on track with my schedule. Sometimes I get so attached to the computer at night (blogging, logging runs, looking at photos, and facebook stalking like a pro... you do it too, don't lie!)... I lose track of time! This needs to stop!
  5. -I have the opportunity to use other resources I've forgotten existed (newspapers, magazines, etc.) to find out what's happening.
  6. - I have the opportunity to spend more time with my family, since I'm forced to use the computer in the family room if I want to use a computer at all...
  7. -I have the opportunity to fill my days with something other than the computer and the phone. I do spend a lot of time on the computer, and this could be an opportunity to have a little more "me" time...

These are some of the positives I've come up with, and it's really helped me to not be so worried about what is going to happen next. Sometimes I feel like no one is on my side (like, God). It almost feels like am destined to keep running into traps, and tests. The only way I know how to "pass" the test now, is to remain optimistic.

I had an amazing day today, and didn't feel the need to use the phone or computer once. I actually felt quite liberated... (although, I got an important call that I missed, and then an email... that I took too long to get, about subbing Pre-K at my future school tomorrow)

So my day today, I FINALLY GOT ADJUSTED! yay! It was my last appointment in Newburyport that was built into my monthly payment, so I will be getting adjusted in Worcester now. I wouldn't just drive all the way to Newburyport from Worcester for a 15 minute chiropractor appointment... Sooo....I made plans with my favorite person ever !!

I met Matt in Haverhill for a long run (I'm racing Sunday, so I had to move my long run to today... I'm training straight through the race). We did just about 10 miles. It was so romantic because yesterday was that big fluffy white snow, and today it was all stuck to the trees and the sun was beating down. It would be an ideal picture to paint! It's too bad my legs were really beat from my workout yesterday (which was IN the snow... adding difficulty to an already difficult workout) so I wasn't able to completely soak up the moment, but I felt decent considering the circumstances.
After the run, but before the Chiropractor, Matthew and I went out to lunch. I may have blogged on the Restaurant before, but we went to Grezzo , a raw food place in Newburyport (and also in Boston!)
I got the Gnocchi Carbonara (house-made dumplings, creamy rawmesan and fresh English peas with pea shoots and crispy eggplant) (I got the picture from the website, the portions are bigger than this though!)

Matthew got the California Maki Roll (Sprouted quinoa "krab" salad, cucumber, avocado and spicy mayo) It looks like sushi, but quinoa instead of rice, and no fish.
We both shared a "Greek Salad" which is not on the current menu, but it's got a lot of great stuff Spinach, black olives, radish, cucumbers, and "feta cheese" (which isn't real feta, it's macadamia nuts and cashew butter made to look like feta)
I wish the online gallery had a picture of the Neroli Blossom (Coconut Water, pineapple chunks, mint, banana, neroli) smoothie I got! Talk about a "Green Monster!" It was AMAZING!

For desert we had a Brownie Sundae - (house-made gelato, raw fudge brownie and chocolate sauce) The raw fudge brownie was made with Cacao, hemp seeds, and macadamia nuts. The gelato we chose was almond butter. They had at least 7 flavors though! I let Matthew decide.
The meals are SO filling because they are "raw" so nothing is cooked... you get the most nutrients possible out of the food (when you cook food, you lose some of the nutritional value). I feel so full after, and so energized! If your in MASS, you should check out one of their locations! It's so worth it!

Keep your opportunities open!
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