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On Charming Men And Women

Posted May 24 2013 12:07pm

A recent article in The Atlantic,  The Rise and Fall of Charm in American Men  lamented the lack of charm in american men today (George Clooney excepted). What makes a man charming? For me it is a sly wit and humour coupled with a real warmth and attraction to me, as a woman, and if they move gracefully and elegantly  as well I am smitten. It is dangerous territory in some ways because a real charmer can be a bit of a rogue if one allows them. Sort of like James Bond seducing, charming and bedding every beautiful woman he meets – great for an adventure but not for a relationship or lasting friendship.

The experts at charm are british men, at least british male actors like Hugh Bonneville, Hugh Laurie, Rufus Sewell, Rupert Graves and the list goes on. British writers are pretty high on the charm list with the late Christopher Hitchens at the top of the heap. The difference in their charm is that it is less volatile than Mr Bond and less likely to lead one into dangerous territory. They are charming without being rogues (Hitchens’ excepted).

I wonder if it is still true that men equate charm with being gay? Too bad if this is so because men sorely need a bit of charm to become a more civilized society. Charm instead of guns, violence and thuggery works for me.

Move like a panther,  cultivate charm and women will fall all over themselves to know you. And if we women do the same men will fall over themselves to know us too!

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