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Numbers 1.12.13

Posted Jan 12 2013 7:33pm

How about a numbers post?  All of the cool kids are doing it sooo, so am I…  but with my own twist, hashtags. #poser

1:  the number of Chop’t salads I’ve eaten.  This afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting these lovely ladies for a blunch [blend + lunch] date.  I didn’t take any pictures of my tasty greens but they were thoroughly enjoyed.  Also, the Chop’t chefs[?] are serious craftsmen with their blades, definitely one-upping the infamous Slap Chop. #blendswhoblunch

2:  the number of Starbucks cappuccinos I’ve consumed in the past 2 days.  A grande skim cappuccino with a sprinkle of cinnamon, please and thank you.  The only thing that could make it better is if it was in a red cup. #coffeeisamorningmust

3:  the number of grocery stores that we shop at.  TJ’s is my true love but there are still some things that we can’t find there such as Silk .  And don’t even get me started on my love for Whole Foods, it’s full of tasty goodies but it also lives up to it’s nickname Whole Paycheck. #burningthegastogetthegoods

4:  the number of avocados I’ve eaten this week.  Diced or sliced, mashed or mushed, served up for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I could eat them all day and everyday.  Avocado for dessert?  I’ve seen a few chocolate avocado pudding recipes but have yet to try one. #anytimeisagoodtimeforavo

5:  the number of pancakes I ate for breakfast.  I’ve been loving Peanut Butter Oatcakes .  Slathered with a dollop of both apple butter and chunky peanut butter, plus a drizzle of peanut butter frosting, it’s a sweet way to start the day. #poweredbypancakes

6:  the number of loads of laundry we did today.  We have a bad habit of letting the hamper fill to the brim before we do a load.  During the week I’ve got other things on my mind than laundry.  As long as I have a clean pair of panties, socks, something to wear to work, and workout clothes, I’m all set. #spinoutthestinky 

7:  the number of days until Ryan and I fly down to FLA.  We planned to fly down a day early in the off chance that our flight got delayed or even cancelled due to weather.  It’s winter and the weather in totally unpredictable.  Thankfully, sprinter [spring + winter] has returned and there are no forecasts of snow. #shouldbesmoothsailing

8:  the number of days until Ryan and I set sail for our eastern Caribbean honeymoon cruise.  This will be the first time Ryan and I have ever been on a cruise or to the Caribbean.  When planning our honeymoon, we both agreed that we wanted to go somewhere where we wouldn’t have to do anything. Eat, sleep, sunbathe, repeat. #lifecanbesoeasysometimes

9:  the number of miles on my training schedule to run this weekend.  I was planning to run along the Potomac this afternoon post-blunch but wanted to spend some time with Ryan and swing by TJ’s for dinner fixings so it got pushed back until tomorrow. #priorities

10:  the number of tricks Charlie knows: sit, lay down, stay, shake, roll over, speak, crawl, kiss, play dead, and we’re currently working on spin.  And a big thank you to Alex for the Snuggie!  #allbuddiesshouldhavesnuggies

P.S.  I overheard on the Today Show this morning that the diet trend is going out of style and people are moving more towards self-acceptance.  Alleluia and amen.  That’s something that I could get behind!  And in honor of Miss America tonight, I thought this article summing up Body Image in the Fashion World was pretty fabulous…

Question:  What’s your hashtag of the day?

Question:  Do you own a Slap Chop or a Snuggie?

— Allison

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