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Nine sure signs the energy in your home is stressed:

Posted Sep 30 2008 12:29am

By Carole Fogarty:

Detox and de-stress: A regular feature:
To feel lighter, healthier and happier you need to observe more deeply as to what is draining, depleting or confusing your energies:


Your home is one big bundle of living breathing energy. Many times in my life I have thought I was coping and my energy and stress levels were fine. It was only when I took a deeper look at what was happening around me that I realized my home was showing symptoms of stress and so was I.

It’s my intention with this article to offer you a deeper insight as to whether or not you and your home are stressed.




Nine Sure signs that your home is stressed:

  • Light bulbs blow all the time - usually from a build up of frustration:
  • Arguments and disagreements happen often:
  • Mess that just won’t go away no matter how often you clean it up, it just keeps coming back like a “mess magnet”
  • Things keep breaking. It seems everyone in the home has developed a case of the “dropsies”. When you are stressed you are living in your head and not grounded and more likely to drops things. Read my article on grounding if you are unclear about what grounding is and how to ground yourself.
  • Electrical appliances always malfunctioning:
  • Accidents, cuts and bruises more than usual inside the home. You just keep bumping into things.
  • Cut fingers and burns while in the kitchen:
  • On-going computer problems. Even though this is part of electrical appliances stress can build up very quickly in and around the computer area.
  • Can’t find things. Keys and stuff go missing. Does not include socks. We all know stray socks go to sock heaven.


What causes a stressed home:

There are many reasons your home may become filled with stressed energy. One of the most common is building renovations nearby. Constant noise, the coming and going of the workman can quickly cause disruption and agitation to the normal flow of your life.

Another reason is that you, your partner or children are bringing it home. If anyone is feeling anxious tense or upset continuously then you are filling your home up with this energy on a daily basis.

Neighbours are another possibility. The closer your neighbours the more likely their influence. This of course is only a concern if your neighbours have a very different vibe to you and are perhaps noisy, abusive or disruptive.

Difficult relatives or friends come to stay.


Simple steps to de-stress and detox your home:


  1. Firstly identify the main location where you believe all the stress is gathering e.g Lounge, kitchen, dining table or guest bedroom etc

  1. Secondly focus all your energy and attention onto that room or space for at least one week. Give it your love and attention.

  1. Now that you have identified the “hot spot” for stress give this space an impressive spring clean. Floors often hold the most negative vibes so pick everything up off the floor and give the boards, rugs or carpet a fabulous clean. Once I’ve cleaned the floors I usually give them a light spray with mixture of water and the essential oil eucalyptus. As I live in Australia eucalyptus is abundant and very cleansing and purifying.

  1. Sprinkle the floor with rock salt.I have personally used rock salt for years and I guarantee it is one of the easiest ways to cleanse any space. The longer you are able to leave it sprinkled on the floor the better. Once you feel the energy has shifted you can vacuum it up. I personally prefer to leave the rock salt for at least 12 hours and maximum 24 hours.

  1. Simplify that space.To ensure the stressed energy doesn’t build up again too quickly eliminate unwanted, unloved, unused, broken stuff from the room. This will support lifting the vibes.


  1. Once you have shifted the energy in the room or space you can now uplift its vibes even further by burning essentials oils, playing calming music or mantra’s, burning candles, incense or even adding crystals. Playing high vibration music even the sounds of nature all day (even if you are not at home) can shift the most stubborn of energies over a few days but you must do the ground work of steps 3 , 4 and 5 first.


Once you have done all of the above you will very quickly start to notice a difference in your home.

However, if you still feel after doing all of the above that your home is still holding stress you simply need to go deeper. There may be many stress layers waiting to be peeled away. The older your home the more layers.


Thanks for reading my article.

Peace, love and happy homes to you all.


Zen to Done: Click here:


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