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New Qigong Exercise Class – Minneapolis MN

Posted Oct 22 2009 10:00pm

Qigong Class Have you been feeling tired and run down? Ready to say good-bye to your stress? Learn how to put more energy into your body naturally with Chinese Qigong. (pronounced “chee gung”) This is an ancient Chinese healing art that combines the use of your mind, body, and breathing to strengthen your vital energy. Qigong uses special movement exercises and visualizations that can benefit people of all ages and physical conditions.

Studies have shown that Qigong can lower blood pressure, help balance (prevent falls for seniors), reduce incidence of stroke, increase bone density and increase longevity.

Learn to:
• maintain your health
• improve circulation (good for cold feet & hands)
• regain balance and flexibility
• quiet your mind
• decrease stress
• prevent illness (improve immune system)

You will learn Healing Qigong, Longevity Qigong, Treasured Vase Qigong as well as Rejuvenation Qigong.

No experience is necessary because the exercises are fun and easy to learn.

Date/Time: Fridays, 10:30-11:30am, November 6th – December 11th
Cost: Only $100 for all 6 sessions. Or pay drop in rate of $19 per session. Over age 65 is only $10 per session.
Location: Richfield Lutheran Church, 8 W 60th St., Minneapolis, MN 55419
To register: call 612-866-4000 or go to

About the Instructor: Naijin Sonmore has dedicated her life to bringing true Chinese culture and health practices to the US. Originally from China, she has studied from several famous Qigong and Tai Chi masters. Naijin started learning Qigong as a teenager. In 1987 she began studying Chen Style Tai Chi from a disciple of Chen Wanting. In 1995, she obtained her Qigong teacher certificate. She teaches Qigong as a way of self empowerment to easily enhance your own health. She will teach you how to cultivate a joyful, relaxed, optimistic and energized state of mind.

“If you want to be healthy and live to 100, do Qigong.”
- Dr. Oz

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