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natural remedies for my itchy throat

Posted Jan 07 2009 2:44pm 1 Comment

I’m down with this itchy throat since yesterday, it’s annoying. I’ve been dropping colloidal silver and oregano oil every few hours and hopefully, that will clear up the throat fast.

Last weekend was a busy one. I had to attend a parent’s meeting in my preschooler’s new kindie before adjourning to shop for new tv stands for the living room. Then, it was pizza party at a good friend’s place and now, I’m trying to speed up my bad throat recovery. Looks like I would need to get some natural remedies online for a better sleep and this itchy throat. If you are a believer of natural remedies like I do, check out the online store at Natures Inventory. Free Shipping for all orders over $35 at

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As soon as I get a sore throat tickle, I start taking 2 Vit C's, two garlic and 2 echinacea every 3 hours.  Second day at  least 3x/day. Usually takes away the sore throat and even staves off the coming cold effectively. Gargle with salt water too--it hurts but it helps.
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