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Natural Health With Vitamins and Supplements

Posted Jan 10 2010 7:48pm

Sometimes, I’m asked the question on whether vitamins and supplements are necessary for our health. If you talk to advocates of natural health, the answer is a ‘yes’ but that doesn’t mean that one should over consume or use them for optimal health.

For most people, if they eat a healthy diet, they may not need them. But if someone does not eat a healthy diet then a vitamin supplement could be very helpful. In general, all fruits and vegetables have important vitamins in them and should not be eliminated from a diet unless a doctor orders it. Whether you believe it or not, our body needs vitamins to function optimally.

There are lots of various vitamins and supplements on the shelves today – from synthetic ones to natural and organic kinds. You can find them in natural health stores and there are vitamins for skin, bones, immune support, hair supplements, weight management…etc. Vitamins can help to regulate the body’s metabolism. In fact, vitamins also help the food we eat to release its energy. It’s the food that when absorbed and broken down into the nutrients the body can use that provides our body with energy. The body more easily absorbs calcium if you are also taking Vitamin D. Most calcium supplements are already fortified with vitamin D.

Ask those who believe in natural health and they will tell you that there are thirteen vitamins that are all important to achieve optimum health. Vitamins E & C contain antioxidants. Antioxidants help to release free radicals, which are high-energy particles. These high-energy particles damage healthy blood cells. Studies are now coming out that indicate that the consumption of vitamins and supplements may aid in fighting cancer and preventing other chronic diseases. The research is by no means conclusive in this regard. Studies continue to be conducted in an effort to provide us with the ultimate health. Shop Natural for Vitamins and Supplements for your body’s health.

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