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Natural Health Remedies and Pain Tolerance

Posted Aug 31 2011 10:59pm

I’ve always been interest in natural health remedies for all areas, especially pain tolerance and arthritis pain relief. Pain tolerance is still the subject of much debate in scientific circles. There are many patients who claim that it is real and that they can actually demonstrate their ability to withstand pain. On the other hand, people who have taken arthritis pain relief medications claim that the said drugs can dull the mind’s ability to drown out the sensation of pain. They further claim that the dulling sensation also prevents them from performing other daily tasks.

However, despite reported side effects, most prefer to stick to using arthritis pain relief medication. For one thing, most people would rather not have to spend the time needed to grow accustomed to the pain. Another obvious reason is that not everyone can develop a high tolerance for pain. In some ways, pain tolerance is affected by a person’s psychology and outlook. This guy who owns a curt trailer hitch next door is always telling me about his arthritic pain.

Deciding who needs to take drugs to control arthritis is an important task for a pain control specialist or doctor. Since a person’s state of mind determines how much a person can mentally handle before breaking down, a doctor cannot simply decide if medication is needed without a thorough consultation. In addition, there is also the possibility of developing drug dependence due to long-term use of arthritis pain relief.

Whether patients can develop pain tolerance when taken off arthritis pain relief treatments is arguable, at best. Not everyone has the same threshold of pain as those who don’t take the medication, and others may simply be capable of enduring more pain.

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