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National Nutrition Month®: Mindful Eating

Posted Mar 14 2012 1:12pm
According to the Bhagavad Gita, the primary qualities of nature, the gunas, are threefold: Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. While sattva is calming, rajas are stimulating, and tamas represent negative emotions. All three gunas are the essence within each of us. The beauty of our being unfolds as we learn balance each of these three components.

So what does this have to do with nutrition? Well, there is so much more to nutrition than food selection and consumption. Ask yourself: “How are you nourished by the foods your consume? What does nourishment encompass?”

There are specific foods that promote each of the gunas. You can take a look at this sattva, rajas, and tamas chart.  However, rather than focusing on the WHAT, I invite you to bring your attention to HOW you eat and prepare your meals. As your meals become more mindful, you may become more aware of the internal signals of hunger, thirst, fullness, and intrinsic body needs. When you open your mealtimes to sattva, you are able to make decisions that support you fully while following your internal intelligence.

Sattva is a state of purity, light, sweetness, intelligence, and positive energy flow.

Allow nourishment to be a ritual that reveals sattvic peace:

  • Be with your food all along the way; Carefully select fresh produce at the grocery store, appreciate the colors and textures while you prepare your ingredients, and savor the aroma as those ingredients come together in your meal. 
  • Take a few breaths to honor the energy that you are about to integrate into your being. 
  • Eat in a calm and quiet setting. While dining, avoid distractions like television, reading, and conversation
  • Eat slowly. Pause between bites for a full breath. 
  • Use all your senses to fully absorb all the sattva within and around mealtime.

Jai, Rita

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