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My Yoga Challenge

Posted Jun 14 2008 2:02pm

As a child I was introduced to yoga during summer intensive workshops, and I HATED IT. I thought it was just my age, my hyper energetic way, and a ten year old mentality that needed to be on the constant move.

But then I tried it again here at the Graham Intensive. And again, it didn’t make me very happy.

Class began with breathings (which I love), meditation (which I love), and then moved on to Sun Salutations which I also enjoy but which become challenging with many repetitions. It’s a challenge I welcome, for I can push through uncomfortable positions if I’m actively moving through them.

But sustaining postures put me into mental and physical agony. I wanted to move, to tweak the stance, to fidget, to collapse. I was so greatly uncomfortable I felt the need to get up and leave the class. But I didn’t.  And I plan to take more yoga classes in the near future, because it’s so hard for me.

There are many different types of yoga, and I’m far too much of a novice at this point to relay my limited knowledge onto you. However, I do play to keep you updated on my Yoga and Gyrotonic investigations this summer.

If it makes you uncomfortable, if its hard for you, or if you’re scared from it - take it on. It’s what you need.

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