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My Weird Saturday Morning Infomercial

Posted May 02 2009 10:42pm
If any of you follow me on Facebook, you know that its Saturday morning and that I was looking forward to sleeping in this morning. The past week just kicked my butt for some reason. I am a tried-and-true 'morning person' but all last week I was dragging for the first time in my life. I was VERY MUCH looking forward to sleeping in this morning, as was my son.

However, he was so tired last night that he literally fell asleep in his dinner. One minute he was chewing his steak, the next he was face down in it. I put him to bed and noticed that he felt alittle warm to the touch. I've been maniacal with this whole Swine Flu deal going on, so it goes without saying that my 'worry mode' kicked in in FULL FORCE.

However, he was just tired and warm because it was, like, 62 degrees in here b/c hubby has some internal temperature malfunction and my son had piled on layer upon layer to keep him warm and consequently? He overheated.

OK, I'm digressing, which you know is part of the charm.... let me get back on track...

Oh yeh, sleeping in...

So this morning, I think I opened one eye and checked my phone some time around 4 and fell back asleep, and then almost instantly (or so it felt) I had a little boy, wide-eyed and smiling, summoning me to "GET UP MOMMY!!!! POWER RANGERS COMES ON THIS MORNING!" After looking at the clock, I told him that he was right, but in 6 MORE HOURS! He woke me up at 20 minutes after 5.

Considering I get up during the week at 5 on the dot, I guess technically you could say that I did get to sleep in, all of about 20 minutes! As I write this is it almost 20 after 6 and I'm only now starting to feel among the living!

However, the funniest thing happened after I finally wrestled myself out of bed and staggered into the kitchen to start making coffee... I could hear the television blaring from the living room and knew my son was in his 'spot', waiting patiently for his beloved Power Rangers. Since he has like half a day to wait until they come on, he had settled into watching something else that blew my mind.

He was watching a Guthy-Renker infomercial for Tony Robbins and the Ultimate Edge tapes on changing your life! This kid never ceases to amaze me. By the time I sat down to try and figure out what the draw was, he had already told me about the whole series, and how he could "change his life and find fulfillment, success, and financial independence" by ordering these tapes "for just $14.95"!

My answer, "Are you kidding me? You are 5 years old!" To which he answered, "Tony says that 'the time is NOW to change my life', and I think I better"!

I got up, walked down the hall and looked at my bed and realized that I wasn't dreaming, this was real... I walked back and told him I thought he was crazy. Just then on the TV, reality TV producer Mark Burnett endorsed Tony Robbins and said, "If you are watching this infomercial at this time of day [my ears perked at this], then there is a reason for it. Change your life like I did and don't waste another minute!"

Happy Early 6th Birthday kiddo, you just got yourself the tapes...

Don't forget to put on your pretty hats today and watch the Kentucky Derby!
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