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My Shakes 'Shook' Me Right Out of My Jeans!

Posted Jan 27 2009 5:06pm
A few days back I told you that I was going to up my protein and exercise and hopefully whittle away some weight. I'm trying to do so because we're planning a trip in April to the beach and I want to look my best.

And feel my best.

I know I told you about buying the GNC protein shakes to replace two meals a day, right? It was in a post from last week, I'm sure. Well, I had every intention to drink two shakes per day instead of breakfast and probably dinner, and eat a substantial (albeit healthy) lunch. However, I am someone who doesn't like to eat. I don't like feeling full. Plus I'm always so busy that I forget to eat throughout the day... and what has happened each day is this: I drink the first shake and get so full and feel like I'm going to explode, that I don't eat/drink again until dinner and I eat, not drink, my meal.

So, instead of two shakes, I've had only one. Instead of eating every few hours to keep my metabolism charged, I have gone long stretches without anything but my trusty water (its been 4 or 5 days without Coke!)... and no changes.

I didn't expect any body changes considering I haven't been doing what I need to. Its hard when you know you should be doing something different but just can't. I don't even know why I have continued the breakfast shakes at all considering how bad they make me feel (bloated), I guess just trying to get in the habit of ingesting something each morning other than my cup of coffee...

But yesterday two things changed out of the blue. First change was the I split each shake packet into two mini-shakes. Easier for me to ingest two small ones instead of one huge shake. However, the problem of drinking 2 shakes per day has been multiplied. Even though they are easier to drink in smaller quantities, now I must drink 4! However, I did it yesterday (finally) and found it pretty easy and I ate a crappy dinner... let me rephrase this... dinner tasted wonderful but it was full of fat, carbs and calories. I had 3 taquitos, washed down with water...

However, something strange happened last night. I was dancing with little D in an impromptu jam session in my office and I wiggled right out of my jeans!


Nothing like giving a girl a little boost when she needs one! That was all I needed and I was suddenly in my running shoes and clothes and on the treadmill. Now, you all know how I abhor running, and silly readers, do you think I ran? HECK NO. I walked. Fast. And only for 15 minutes, but with my weights in my hands and super-fast. Fast enough that I worked up a sweat.

All I needed was a little confirmation that my body is responding. I got that yesterday when I wiggled out of my normally-comfortable-but-not-baggy-jeans. There's hope! YES!

I just guzzled down my first of four shakes for today and feel pleasantly satisfied and not overly full. I might be able to do this! :)

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