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My niece has excessive drooling and other complicated symptoms none of our practitioners have been able to find anything yet.

Posted by Dan

Acid Reflux/GI Test, 6 blood tests, 3 UAs, a spinal tap, xray, ct scan, MRI, EGM, neostatin test, barium swallow test, laryngoscapy, a gi scope, and 5 different IVs?

 My niece a beautiful little girl that barely turned 4 years old had a few fits followed by serious fevers and throwing up.  Now she is emaciated and drooling uncontrollably.  She has been in the hospital for the last week or so but this has been going on for 3 weeks.  She will not eat anything and today I tried to give her a little whipped cream and she could not swallow it and threw up.  They are tube feeding her right now and she is in tough shape.  She has a very high raspy voice when she talkes and she has eccessive saliva.  The doctors are at a loss for what it could be.  Neuro docs think neuro defects are inconclusive at this point.   I did go on a walk with her around the hospital and she is not weasing when she breaths but is in bad shape.  Any suggestions would be very helpful, we are very concerned for her.  

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