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My Life with Gastroparesis

Posted Jan 07 2010 1:43pm
In my past post, I wrote about Gastroparesis (GP). I would like to share my experiences with the disease.

I don't know exactly when I developed it. I may have actually been born with it. I had many digestive issues as a baby and toddler. My first memories of GP were eating out with my family or at family meals. I would eat a few bites and feel nauseous and unable to finish. The feeling would pass a hour or two later and I could eat. It would happen sporadically without rhyme or reason. It was like that for years and notice it has gotten worse with age and caused me to have terrible GERD.

Until my early twenties, when my digestive illnesses flare up again severely. Trips to the the ER and doctors - and a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy later - I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis (along with other things). My diagnosis was based on my prior symptoms and upper endoscopy. When I had my first endoscopy, I fasted for 11 hours and still had food in my stomach. It should take 2-4 hours to digest food.

I have issues with anaesthesia and vomiting. I was particularly sick after having my sinus surgery in Sept of this year. I tried to take Reglan to help my symptoms, but had a number of side-effects I didn't like. I had severe anxiety and shakes. I didn't like it at all. I currently use ginger and diet to help control it as much as possible. When I have flares, I will fast, eat light soups, and/or try meal replacement shakes. Finding a shake I can have it difficult because many of them have milk (which I am allergic to) or taste gross. I am currently trying Spiru-tein. They have a bunch of different flavors and have a lot of vitamins and nutrients. So, we'll see how it goes.

I would love to hear others input and stories.
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