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My husband bent over and the whole right side of his body went numb. The doctors have no idea what it is. Any ideas

Posted by lonewolf

He bent over and when he stood up  he felt the whole right side of his body go numb from his foot up.  It was not a stroke or seizure.  Can anyone help??
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Thank you for the additional detail. You didn't tell me what types of doctors have looked into this.

If he has not been examined by a neurologist or by an orthopedic specialist, I would suggest you see either or both.

They probably will want to examine the cervical and upper thoracic vertebrae and might need to see an MRI to rule out the possibility that a disc there has herniated and is impinging upon nerves in or around the spinal canal.

 If that has already been done and ruled out, then I too am at a loss as to what to suggest you try next.

I know you said that this was not a stroke. How was that ruled out?

Hope that helps,



The numbness was from the top of his head to the end of his toes.  It also was his arm and side and leg and his face.  the facial numbness went away but the rest did not.  No swelling or redness.  He has strength in his limbs and can move them but cannot grab things with his right hand. and his right arm does not do what he wants it to do.  He knows that his foot is on the ground, but does not feel it
When you say "the doctors have no idea what it is," I'm curious as to how many and what types of doctors have investigated this?

And when you say "the whole right side of his body went numb from foot up," does that mean arm, shoulder, ear, etc.?

If the numbness extends down the right side from lower back to foot, inflammation of nerves and muscles around a lumbar disc or right-side SI joint should be considered.

If it indeed extends from ear to toe then it IS a puzzle, though it is remotely feasible that he somehow irritated thoracic and lumbar, or cervical, thoracic and lumbar discs when bending -- especially if he was in poor physical condition and movement was stressful and extended.

Please describe more the specifics of the injury and limitations and the sequence of the onset of the numbness. Was it instant? Did it start in one area and expand to another? Is there pain associated with it? If so, exactly where is/are the pain(s) and what is their nature and what aggravates them? Can he walk? Move his right arm? Turn his head? Wiggle his toes? How severe is the numbness? Can he grip things, such as a hammer?

Is there any redness or swelling along the spine or on either side of the lower back above the buttocks? When you observe him standing upright, does one hip appear higher than the other? Is the pelvis twisted in relation to the trunk?

Tell us more and maybe we can point you in a helpful direction.



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