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Moving - My Last Post

Posted Jun 07 2013 7:44pm

After much thought on whether or not to keep this blog going, I've decided to close it down. For long-time followers, I know this will come as a shock. Please allow me to explain why I made this decision.

In May of 2013, I decided to invest the time and money in a new website that I would host through my own domain name. I did this because I wanted a site where I could write about subjects other than just healing and this site has from its inception, been about healing.

The new site gives me greater flexibility in appearance and function. By using menu tabs, I can point readers to the the different subjects they're interested in, and keep all my articles in one place. I have tabs for healing, deliverance, prophetic words, dreams and a lot more - all in one place.

I realized that if I had only one site, I would spend a lot less time posting articles and with several books in the works, time is becoming a lot more precious to me. So it made sense for me to move everything to one site.

The other concern I have is the recent disclosure that the US government has been given access to online activities conducted on sites owned by Google and other social networks. This site is a Google Blog. After having several dreams that appear to be warning dreams about monitoring of online activities, I feel as though I need to take steps to avoid unnecessary exposure to government surveillance. I have nothing to hide from the government, but I also have no desire to let them eavesdrop on my life. I believe that my activities will be less accessible if I moved them to a site that is not subject to government monitoring. Thus the decision to move the content from this site to the new one.

I'll leave this site up for several months while I move the articles and videos to my new site. Not all the posts will make the move. Some of the Youtube videos featured here have been removed. I'll move whatever I still have access to.

The new site can be found at: .

Thank you for your support. I hope to see you there.

Praying Medic

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