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Miracle Car Repair

Posted Apr 06 2013 9:00am
The Facebook version of this story (with comments) can be found here .

We have this car that we bought last year for our daughter so she could go to school. It has a lot of miles on it. It's been running rough for 6 months - hesitating and stalling at intersections. My daughter moved, so we don't need it anymore, but I didn't want to sell it in this condition.

So I thought I'd begin fixing it by changing the spark plugs and a few other parts and thought maybe I could getting it running better before we sold it. On my way out to the garage to work on the car, I heard the Holy Spirit say, "Didn't I fix the iPod dock?"


I thought, "Ummmm.....yes, Lord. You sure did."

As I walked to the tool box, I thought, "Why not? If He fixed a broken iPod dock, He could make this broken car run like it was supposed to."

So I got inside the car, closed the door and started making declarations that the ignition system would work properly and the fuel system would be cleaned out.

"Come On Angels!! Get to work on this car and make it run, in Jesus name!!

I prayed over it and made declarations for 3 or 4 minutes. Then I turned the key and drove it down the street. At the first intersection, it accelerated smoothly. It hadn't done that since I can remember. I drove it for about 10 minutes, hitting a lot of intersections.

At some intersections, I felt a little fear creep into my mind. I wondered what I would do if it started to hesitate. Sure enough, the car hesitated a little when I became fearful. So I commanded the car to be healed and kept driving.

I dealt with the fear by imagining the car accelerating smoothly through each intersection. Each time I did this - there was no hesitation.

I drove home and told my wife. She didn't believe me. So we went for a drive. The car drove perfectly and never hesitated once.

So what's the point of all this?


Just believe that God wants to fix your broken junk!

Believe Him when He tells you things you don't have a grid for. In faith - speak to the junk and command it to work.

Get the angels to help you out. They kinda dig miracles and it keeps them busy & entertained. They like to watch unbelief vanish.

(And remember - when you're doing the happy dance before the Lord - they're dancing with you.)

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