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Minding the body – New Year’s Resolution: Feeling Great

Posted Dec 26 2010 11:29am


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Minding the body


New Year’s Resolution: Feeling Great

Whether it is your own body or teaching others, movement and fitness should make you feel better mentally and physically. The wrong fitness will make the body rigid. 

See the New York Times’ article: Before You Lift a Weight, Get Some Advice.

When you lack strength or mobility, you will go somewhere else in the body to achieve a movement.  Bringing your mind to your new intelligence of your body will change your fitness and well-being.

Discover how to move better and give essential physical strengthening through our sessions at Movements Afoot.  Whether it be our Pilates sessions: privates, group mat or equipment or Hanna Somatics.  If you sign online for any of our Hanna workshops in January get 10% off.  Experience Hanna Somatics to find new ease in your body.

If you are a teacher, we have an exciting new season to take your teaching to the next level.  Dianne Woodruff returns and a new season of BodyMind Fitness Certifcate program.(link to below schedule). Sign online before 1/7 for workshops with Dianne Woodruff, get 10% off.

Teachers, Dr. Valdimir Janda has made the world look different at the body.   Prior history about back pain and posture was to treat the specific part.  Janda opened our eyes that pain is reflective of a full body pattern.  As faculty on Balanced Body’s Pilates teacher program, I teach a little a bit about this.  There is mention of his view of the body in most of the manuals.

See post Cross Syndromes/Janda’s Look at Posture

Register for Dianne Woodruff’s Workshops on Janda’s Lower and Upper Cross Syndromes

2011 Schedule for BodyMind Fitness Certificate

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