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Mindful Awareness & How-To use it in the Moment – MEDTalk 1.2

Posted Mar 05 2012 1:49pm

Mindful awareness which is a deep connection to body sensations, space and thoughts has been found through scientific study to be very important for our health. MEDTalk’s are a series of videos that explore what it means to live within a meditative state of clarity, wisdom and presence in the modern world.

In this second video of my six part series I show how to develop a solid connection to a mindful awareness of our body, space and thoughts can transform and heighten your experience of the present moment.

Mindfulness is defined as entering a deep present moment awareness, on purpose without judging what it is that is happening. This way of being that we can cultivate within our days is being researched intensely by scientists around the world and most notably the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.


At first this may seem difficult, as our modern lifestyles are moving at such a rapid pace, though with the aid of a simple Mindfulness Meditation practice along with other exercises that remind you to check-in with mindful awareness, this ability to be present even in the midst of difficult times steadily becomes us.

These practices can be as simple as having regular text reminders, emails and walks that cue us into a state of reflection; where is my mind? is there any tension in my body? can I relax my breath and body a bit deeper?

To view this MEDTalk on mindful awareness, please click on the video below:

To view my first video “Secrets on How to Be in the Moment MEDTalk 1.1″ which is an introduction to this series please click here.  Also if you wish to explore how to integrate mindfulness into your everyday life click here to visit my Mindfulness articles.

Stay tuned for next weeks part 3 video which explores Equanimity and how to integrate it into our life, to achieve a more fluid moment to moment presence.

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