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Mind Your Body and Energy - MIND ZONE

Posted Jul 12 2009 12:51pm

The Scientists tell us that Energy is.....

The theologians tell us that God is....

Both tell us that neither can be created nor destroyed. They are both omnisicient, Crab Nebula omnipresent and omnipotent.

We are also part of that whole and as such are energy in and operating at a certain vibration. The vibration dictates the manifested state of being.

Thus by simple logic we are both Energy and God.

This realisation woud have had me burned at the stake a few hundred years ago. Thankfully like a good comedian, I got my timing right.

 Well I think I did, but you know there are still those out in the world who would earmark me as a heretic. Still what do they know, the little treasures.

That is the problem, not a whole lot. There seems to have been a marked intransigence to accumulate further knowledge of the human condition and form since even the Spanish Inquisition.

Yet if we really  begin to take on board the fact that all is energy, all is truly one then the only thing that creates separation is how we percieve and think of who we are - or not.

It is a startling fact that only 2% of the world actuallly think, 3% of the world think they think exploding mind and the other 95% would rather die than think.

In energy terms thought is the fastest thing in the universe. It is faster than light, certainly outstrips sound by a trashing and connects and communcates before we realsie we have thought the thought.

Phew! certainly need to become a lot more aware of my thinking process. Who knows may catch that niggling littel thought I shot out before I could grasp it?

So if thought is the coalescent factor that forms and creates the basis for manifestation, it must be so important as to how we think and speak about ourselves.

Our Sound Conscious language™ paints the tableau of our experiences and whatwe draw to us. Cultivating a self talk, description and appraisal in our language use simply confirms the thought trains that are being repeated within and further established in our external world.

As most of us who have embraced our Mind Body connectivity realise, the more we continue to establish the vibrational resonance with lack, less and little within us around us and due from us, the more that we perpetuate the lack of attraction that we often desire.

Connecting the interdependance of Mind Body Energy and actively utilising its power will help anyone be the true creator we all are in potential.

That is such a massive realisation but also hugely comforting. 

As this allows us to own ourselves, live fully in this truth and impart such power and potential into the lives of all we meet.

MIND ZONE - Next -  What does the Mind look like?

  YogiJon, is a Health and Wellness expert who has been teaching and promoting health solutions and better living through yoga body mind techniques for over 22 years.  If you wish to find out more about helping others help themselves contact YogiJon for more details.

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