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Mind, Body & Soul Working Together

Posted Oct 30 2008 11:02am

Mind, Body & Soul Working Together Do you ever think about how much the human mind can manage, create, and do? Or, do you ever acknowledge what the human mind has already created, managed and done?

The human mind is very powerful. It has allowed every creation, invention, all the advancements in technology, and the ways we live to happen. Our thoughts inspire action and our bodies and soul transform the thoughts into reality.

All that we can appreciate in our daily lives now, or all that will appreciate in the future, has started from a simple thought. Yet the human mind can not do its thinking, planning, nor create innovations and create change without the body and soul.

Yoga and meditation techniques can relax the body, mind and soul, but still challenge it. The mind is best capable when the body is strong and soul is reflective and seeking. The desire to want comes from the mind and soul working together. To get anything done it takes the action of the body, and the energy to do so stems from the mind and soul.

The people who get the most done, and feel driven and ambitious, are usually those who are also in tune with their body and soul. They are also more positive people. Thinking in a more upbeat, disciplined and dedicated way is essential for the human race to achieve.

Written by: Isobella Jade

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