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Mind/Body Medicine is the new frontier of medicine(part two)

Posted Jan 01 2012 4:59pm

Mind/body medicine utilizes the mind/body/spirit axis to influence healing. This might feel like a big responsibility to take the reins of your own personal healing but remember to see it like a challenge versus a heavy burden. I’ve blogged a lot about how important your thoughts are in influencing healing so for starters get clear on what you are hoping to achieve. Be very specific. For myself, I would love to remyelinate my brain. Therefore I need to take time in my day to direct my attention to visualize that task happening. I suggest 20 minutes twice daily to start with.

Adam (the dreamhealer) has been instrumental in creating specific visualizations so you can do just that. I suggest reading his book “Intention Heals”. If you do not have access to Adams books, he suggests doing the following: research the area of concern thoroughly so you can create accurate visualizations; understand the body’s mechanism for healing this area; what is the healthy functioning of this area? I also spend time visualizing what I will be able to do in time.

I used to run long distances so sometimes I spend time visualizing myself running…I imagine that it feels effortless to run for a short distance. It feels great to feel the pavement under my feet…to feel the solid power in my legs and feel the oxygen flowing through my lungs. I imagine that I am carrying a stop watch and that I see it stop on the twenty minute mark. I visualize myself waking up pain free and symptom free and feeling great the day after my run.  I see this as one possible outcome of remyelinating my central nervous system- more enjoyment of my body and what it can do.

Sometimes I use visualizations to bring up specific memories from my past to create a happy feeling state… a moment where I felt pure joy in the past to draw upon in my present reality. When you use your mind in the positive to bring about positive changes in your body and spirit then it is working in your favor. Too often, we use our mind to dwell on what isn’t perfect in ourselves or our lives rather than directing our focus to what we really want; if we focus on what we want and that wanting brings up to a better space than it is never time wasted. Imagine that your body is doing everything the way it has been designed to do; imagine that the power of your own healing is limitless; you have to believe it first. I dare you to believe! Happy New Year!!

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