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MIMM: Ice Day

Posted Dec 09 2013 10:56am

Yesterday we had our first snowfall – everything always looks so enchanting and peaceful covered with snow…

Snow 12-9


Around 6 p.m. the local school district announced that schools would be closed on Monday which probably was wise because when we woke up this morning everything was covered in ice.




P.S.  Do you follow your local school district on Facebook or Twitter?  Last night our district posted the closure news on their social media pages and unsurprisingly many people had mixed feelings about it.  You can’t always please everyone!

Thanks Katie for hosting another marvelous link-up!

So instead of teaching a class of 5th graders today, I’m comfortably curled up on the couch with Charlie.  There’s a chance that we could get 2-4 more inches of snow tomorrow, but I’m supposed to start what could potentially be a long-term position (I’ll share details when things are confirmed) so I’m actually hoping that the weatherman is wrong.  This is probably the first and only time that I’ll ever wish for a school day rather than a snow day.


Saturday morning I was out the door by 7 a.m. to proctor a SSAT as a favor for my momma.  I took the SSAT when I was applying to private schools and I’ve gotta say, it was much nicer being on the other side – I’d rather keep track of time than answer a writing prompt and bubble in answers on a scantron sheet.  I don’t miss taking tests or writing papers!


After the test I met Ryan for a lunch date before going to Trader Joe’s.  Note to future self: never go grocery shopping when there’s snow in the forecast – Trader Joe’s was a madhouse!  Ryan had to go into the office for a work emergency so the rest of the afternoon was spent completing the daily Elf for Health challenge and watching House Hunters .  When he got home we went to the gym for an easy bike ride.



Since Ryan is scheduled to have surgery on his ankle *again* this Wednesday, we spent the whole day yesterday getting ready for Christmas.  Decorations were put out, a tree was purchased, lights were strung, ornaments were hung, and Charlie grew a pair of antlers.



We also went to see my absolute favorite Christmas movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  I’ve watched it every Christmas since I can remember but this was my first time seeing it in a theater.  And yes, it was even funnier on the big screen!  Before locking ourselves in for the night, we stopped by the gym and did some cardio plus this circuit workout.  It’s fast, fun, and guaranteed to make you sweat!


Question:  What’s your favorite snow day activity?

Question:  If you have a dog (or cat) – do you buy clothes for him/her?

— Allison

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