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Mid-century Birthday Celebration | 50 Things I’ve Done So Far

Posted Feb 20 2009 7:22pm


In honor of my 50th birthday tomorrow, I took a trip down memory lane to recall and be thankful for all of the rich and amazing experiences life has given me so far. I am truly a blessed woman.

1. Auditioned and got a part in a television commercial filmed at Cypress Gardens when I was in third grade

2. Was a member of the Screen Actors Guild for a couple of years (see #1 above)

3. Swam competitively during elementary years - even won some events

4.  Earned the Presidential Physical fitness award every year from 4 th through 9 th grade

5. Learned to play the French Horn (I’m really rusty, but can still make music with it)

6. Learned to drive a boat and water ski

7. Learned to speak German

8. Marched in the grand opening parade for Space Mountain at Disney World

9. Graduated high school in the top 10% of my class

10. Worked as a Disney World cast member the summer between high school and college

11. Began college at University of Florida as a mechanical engineering major

12. Quit college to follow a dream and became a chef

13. Became a mom to three wonderful children

14. Have been to every major Florida attraction

15. Learned to sew and handcrafted dresses, play clothes, toys and gifts

16. Had the privilege of being a stay-at-home Mom until my girls started school

17. Read hundreds of books to my daughters - it could actually be a thousand if you count the favorites that were repeated every week :))

18. Owned a small business (closed it to return to college)

19. Drove the school bus to help finance private school education for daughters in elementary school - the bus was old and a stick shift - it was actually fun to drive

20. Traveled to Mexico with a 4 year old and 9 month old in tow as part of a church mission trip (my first trip outside the US) - all the adults got sick - the kids just had fun

21. Went back to school at age 32 (married with three daughters) and earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from University of South Florida - graduated with distinction (translation - I had really bad grades from the first attempt at college, but got my act together for the encore)

22. Youngest daughter graduated kindergarten the same year I graduated college

23. Served as president of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers student chapter at USF

24. Was awarded Student of the Year from USF Engineering College in my senior year (age 36)

25. Taught three daughters how to drive - that’s gotta be worth more points than all the rest!

26. Raised three daughters to young adulthood - they are all bright, successful, articulate young women

27. Earned a Master’s degree in Education at age 47

28. Sole financial provider of college educations for three daughters

29. Learned to ride a motorcycle and passed the safety course for license

30. Independently selected and purchased two motorcycles

31. Have enjoyed motorcycle trips to Key West (4 and counting) cimg1631

32. Took a catamaran trip in Key West and went snorkeling for the first time

33. Went on a dolphin watching trip in Key West

34. Completed a solo motorcycle trip from TN to FL

35. Had a blast on a 2700 mile motorcycle trip with hubby from FL to NC to TN and rode my motorcycle on the Nashville Speedway (what a thrill that was). The picture in my blog header was taken in the Smokey Mountains on that trip.

cimg0988 36. Tamed the Dragon (318 mountain curves in 11 miles) three times: solo on my first motorcycle, with my riding group on my current bike, and most recently with my hubby (his first time)

37. Moved five times in ten years (four states)

38. Eloped and married on the beach in a white wedding dress and flip flops

39. Made first trip to Europe alone

40. Took a train from Milan to Florence

41. Saw Michelangelo’s “David” at the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence (it’s such an emotional experience in person - pictures just don’t capture the artist’s passion)

cimg24421 42. Took a bicycle trip through Tuscany (never mind that I had not been on a bicycle in over 30 years :))

43. Visited the Machiavelli Winery in Italy

44. Learned to shoot clay pigeons with a shotgun (first time ever shooting a gun)

cimg3373 45. Took a 5 mile snow shoe hike in upstate NY.

46. Walked on water (it was Lake Champlain and actually frozen at the time - but still technically water)

47. Learned to be a DIY: can use power tools, hang drywall, wallpaper, install faucets, ceiling fans, and laminate flooring

48. Went on an airboat ride through the Florida Everglades - saw alligators up close and personal

49. Completed Harley Davidson sponsored ABC’s of Touring  contest with 36 points. One point for each city, state, county, country, etc. of the alphabet.

50. Published two blogs.

Tags: gratitude, happiness, learning, passion, personal growth

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