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Menopause: A change of bodymind & weight gain

Posted Sep 28 2008 11:27am

by Lesley Powell

It is so frustrating to see your body changing and gaining weight as I am in my 50’s.

You think that you are doing all the right things…Eating well, moving everyday. I have had health problems about digestion. A year ago, I was nauseous everyday for almost 2 years straight. Movement and eating made me more nauseous. It was hard to solve the problem. I finally found a Doctor who did tests how I was metabolising food. I had some food allegeries.

I don’t snack or binge. The main thing that I am working on, is getting more aerobics. It is hard. When I was dancing, I could dance all day. My own choreography was extremely aerobic. Aerobic machines are extremely boring for me. A decade ago, I tried running. My knees were killing me. The minute that I stop running, my knees were ok.

I am grateful for Pilates. Even with the weight gain, Pilates keeps my posture and tone. Without Pilates, I think that I would be worse. I am taking time out of my day to take classes with my teachers and in the mornings going to the park for an aerobic set. Our New class, Pilates Mat/Spring: Heart & Core has helped me a lot with my knees. I am back to doing small sets of running, walking and dancing in the park for my aerobics. I feel great.

Problems of tightness is affecting me now. I am not as mobile as I was ten years ago. Sometimes taking a yoga class with so much stretching, my muscles start tightening more if I push too much. Pilates has been more helpful because of training the muscles at the same time as stretching.

There is a joke about an old woman looking in the mirror and saying, “Who is that old woman?” That is how I feel sometimes.

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