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Meditation Technique - Mindful Showering!

Posted Dec 07 2010 7:36pm
I know this might sound a bit out there, but the reality lies that the best part of meditation is that you can do it anywhere, wherever you are, including the shower.

At its most basic Meditation is simply becoming aware of your Body, Breath and Mind in whatever it is that you are doing. This relaxed awareness helps connect you with the present moment so that your mind doesn't go out into it's infinite directions into the future, or continues to dwell on the past.

While being aware of your deep inhales and exhales (without getting water in your nose!) give this technique a try next time you shower:

Start by noticing sensations — Listen to the sound of the water, notice the fragrances of soaps and shampoos. How do your shoulders, neck, legs and arms feel as you bathe them? Then, try to "widen your attention" and to experience all the sensations at once.

Take a mind timeout — Make a conscious decision to take a complete break from your mind and stay in the experience of the shower, the sounds and smells. If you're bombarded by thoughts, choose to return to them later.

Try tai chi showering — Move your body in slow motion and notice the sensations. Take a moment to be still, close your eyes and notice how the body responds.

Sing — Notice the vibration in your throat, chest and other body parts.

This simple technique was provided by Mark Thornton a very popular Corporate Meditation Coach based out of the US. Hope you like it!

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