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Meditation help

Posted by rick s.

Could anyone experienced with meditation, offer some suggestions to me.Thank You............
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Thank You Pixie.

Hey Rick, there are so many different methods taught and you might want to play around with a few before you settle on something. What I would suggest is only keeping to one method in any one sitting.

Vipassana 'insight' meditation, which is a kind of Buddhist meditation would see you to begin with simply following your breath. Every time you have a thought, try to notice it, label it, 'a thought' and then gently tap it away (with no judgement or analysis of the said thought) and continue to follow you breath going into your nostrils, and feel your abdomen rising, then out of your nostrils and feel your abdomen fall.

Thoughts will come in again and again and you continue to gently tap them away. The more you do it, you will notice your ability to concentrate and not give into the doubts and distractions of the mind, will increase. 

It is always helpful to go on 10 day retreats offered in meditation. There is a 10 day retreat and these are offered for free all over the world and if you can give yourself that time, I would highly recommend them. 

Good luck. 



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