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Meditation can be great for women's health

Posted by Nirmala N.

According to an article on WebMD, women can combat PMS and infertility problems by meditating regularly. In one study, PMS symptoms were shown to be reduced by 58% as a result of meditation. Another study found that hot flashes were reduced significantly as well among women who had a regular meditation practice. Women with infertility issues also suffered from less depression and fatigue after a 10-week meditation regimen that included nutrition and dietary changes. Of these women, 34% became pregnant within six months.

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This does not surprise me. I also find that when I am meditating and doing yoga and/or getting acupuncture regularly, I am less likely to get bad cramps during my period...or they are at least lessened. Meditation will also help with the crankiness that you can experience before and during your period.
I am especially impressed with the infertility statistic. Very impressive! It shows that for at least 34%, extreme stress is a factor in infertility. Meditation is so helpful in so many chronic conditions.
34% is pretty impressive. Stress, bad nutrition, and fatigue can be such deterrents to all things in life. Of course, anything negative can. It's interesting to read about the positive aspects of meditation. Except for relaxation time in yoga, which I'm not sure qualifies, I haven't tried it myself. My SIL does it and I hope she benefits greatly. From the sound of what you've reported here, she will and many women could. If only people put more faith in what they think are less "active" practices available to them.
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