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Marvelous Long Weekend 2.18.13

Posted Feb 18 2013 9:03pm

Happy Monday :)   To all y’all who had a 3-day weekend, I hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves!  And to all y’all who unfortunately had to work, I hope your day was easier and lighter than usual.  Nonetheless, we’re all already one day closer to next weekend…  Is that looking too far ahead?

I fell asleep last night sometime around 10PM and slept better than I have the past few nights thanks to Benadryl – not just the allergy drug.  Today I took advantage of having nothing to do and no where to go.  I had a few tentative plans but opted to take it easy and stay at home.

Thanks Katie for hosting another marvelous link-up!

Marvelous…  Thrift store finds.


Marvelous…  Spending the afternoon with good company.

Marvelous…  Feeling restful after a good night of sleep.

Marvelous…  Sitting on the couch while sipping a cappuccino and cuddling with Charlie.


Marvelous…  Watching the Today Show .

Marvelous…  Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen from top to bottom [and Ryan vacuuming] – who doesn’t like a clean apartment?!

Marvelous…  Teddy Peanut Butter and TJ’s Strawberry Preserves.


Marvelous…  Driving Ryan to PT only to find out that it’s actually tomorrow – whoops!  But that meant he got to browse the aisles at Home Goods with me.

Marvelous…  Swinging by my momma’s house just because we were in the neighborhood.

Marvelous…  Egg scrambles – they may not be pretty but they sure are tasty!


Marvelous…  Making lists and crossing things off.

Marvelous…  Clean, warm clothes.  Even if I still have a pile of clothes that need to be ironed.

Marvelous…  Going for a 4-mile run outside with the sun shining.  It’s crazy how after Saturday’s run , 4 miles felt a tad short.


Marvelous…  Cantaloupe.

Marvelous…  3-way chats with Ms. Run Within and Ms. Heart, Sole, & Cereal .

Marvelous…  Watching The Bachelor home dates.

[ source ]

I hope y’all had a marvelous Monday and while we’re at…  I hope that you have a terrific Tuesday, a wonderful Wednesday, a thankful Thursday, and a fabulous Friday ;)   Tomorrow morning I have the first of two procedures [the second is Wednesday morning] and hopefully will get some news – at this point, any news is good news!

Question:  What was marvelous about your Monday?

Question:  Did you have a 3-day weekend?

— Allison

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