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Making lists. Remaking lists. Editing lists. More lists. LISTS!

Posted May 09 2012 6:38pm
Now THAT is a multi-functional tattoo!

Well, we all have them. Though, many use them in different ways. LISTS! I LOVE the above idea but tend to think a simple application for my phone or a piece of paper in my pocket would work just as well, but hey to each his own, right?!?!
Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about how people (meaning I) make lists on an almost subconscious level and at all times. If you're a parent or a business owner or even a part of a company, you know what I mean. They're running through your head all the time, though most of the time you don't stop to take an inventory of how many or what kinds of lists you have going through your head. Some of us go a little more literal and write out lists when we think of things, and still others go further and make lists of the lists they need to make. If you're friends with an engineer or have one in your family, you'll totally understand. Sometimes I think there are some engineers out there that wouldn't be able to even get to their bathroom without drawing out a plan or making a list of some sort. But, I digress....
Being one of the people that likes to make lists mostly for the reason of crossing stuff of of them, I got to wondering if I'm a little crazy obsessive dependent on my lists at certain points. I mean, lists can be wonderfully motivating as well as handy little reminders of stuff one may forget. I've got a number of constantly running lists in 3 digits worth a variety of places. I've recently figured out that, while the applications available on smart phones are WONDERFULLY helpful, if I don't physically write them down after typing them into the electronic device of wondrous frustration and endless access to my unwitting stalking victims friends and family, I'm never gonna remember it all. (Or even half of it) So to that end, I have a full sized notebook, a pocket sized notebook and 2 applications on my phone that ALL have at least 3 lists in them. Am I really the only one?

Not this bucket!
Now to elaborate on the lists, I tend to like to categorize them. I have fitness stuff, to do stuff, to buy, stuff, the ever dreaded grocery and cleaning stuff, tattoo ideas, and decorating ideas, but my favorites are my GOALS and BUCKET lists. I started my bucket list when I was 23, just after having had our daughter. I know that sounds super morbid, but I felt like I needed to after interweb stalking stumbling across some photos that former classmates had online of what they'd accomplished or done over the years.I admit it, I got jealous. I'm a jealous person, by nature. I tend to forget that everyone has things they want or want to do or accomplish that I've crossed off of my lists and when I do, it's mostly because I feel that they've done bigger or better things than I have. When I stop to think about it, it's not always bigger and better. It's just different. 
I started my list with the big stuff, like most do. 1) Take a trip to Ireland. 2) Build a home. 3) Buy a house. I then moved onto the more reasonable stuff that seemed it would be easier to accomplish. 4) Run a MASSIVE charity race. 5) Go to a real Symphony. 6) Graduate from College. From there, I decided to scale it back again and go for the little things. 7) enroll in school. 8) teach my kids acceptance. 9) raise money for a charity. 10) learn to play a new instrument. I didn't expect this list to be totally crossed off at any specific time or age. I also didn't expect this list to be set in stone and unchanged for the rest of my life. I did realize that I had done things backwards here by reaching for the biggest first, but lists don't have to be set up based on priority level or ease of achievement. Do they? 
Well, it's been 9 years since I created that list and I couldn't tell you where it was if my life depended on it. (but I know it's around here somewhere) What I CAN tell you is that I have new lists with LOTS of stuff on them and more gets added all the time. I don't write these lists down all the time. I only write down the important parts. The GOALS. 
Everyone has goals of some sort. Some have them for the week, some for the month, or year. Whatever. Most days my goal is to stay out of jail and not get put on a psychiatric hold by the police or a stranger. I've done alright on both accounts so far, but the day's not over yet... Other than those repetitive goals, I've got quite a few that are always changing. They stay on the list, but they evolve a little all the time. 
Now, you may think this is the worst point in which to end this post, but I assure you that I have my reasons.
I want to hear from all of you that stop by and never comment. I want you to tell me if you make lists. If so, what kind and to what purpose? Paper, electronic, metaphorical, organized, post its? Are they all functional or are there a few things on them that are a little less realistic just because? Do you set goals and do you put time limits on them? What are they?
Now, speak your mind and then get off your butt and go have an adventure. Write down the memories you make. They'll be important forever.

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