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Making Fitness a Family Affair

Posted Dec 01 2009 10:03pm

When I called my sister on Thanksgiving morning I caught her just as she was heading out for a run.  She told me my 7 year old nephew would ride next to her on his bike.  They went out for about 3 miles.

The next day my sister invited me to come by the house and bring my workout clothes. We’ll do one of the “shred” workouts by Jillian Michaels she told me.  Sounded “fun” and different and off I went.  A chance to get some exercise while visiting with my family.

As we worked our way through the 25 minute fitness routine, having my sister by my side silently motivated me.  No way would I give up!   We grunted and laughed together, as my 5 year old niece looked on saying, “Wow, you guys are really sweating!”  I couldn’t help but smile.

Have you ever made excuses for skipping your exercise routine because of family obligations?  Have you ever considered making fitness a family affair?  Spending time with loved ones and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are often pain points for many people.  Why not kill two birds with one stone and get active as a family!

Below is a short list of family friendly fitness options to get you started:

  • Get out side and take a walk, a hike or a scavenger hunt (pack a lunch and make a day of it!)
  • Put on some music and dance
  • Play ball in the backyard
  • Download a fitness video from the internet

I know a lot of people who enjoy fitness as a solo activity – to clear their head and get some alone time. I’m one of them.  Yet sometimes making fitness and wellness a family affair can be a lot of fun and get you out of excuse making mode.

When you get the kids or younger generation involved, everyone wins.  If America truly wants to tackle the obesity and health care problem, physical activity has to be part of the plan – for kids and for adults – so why not make it a fun family activity.

Fitness as a family affair is good for you physically, emotionally and your inner spirit.  You’re taking care of you, your kids, and spending quality time as a family while working towards maintaining everyone’s health.  You become a positive role model to your kids, nieces, nephews, grandchildren.  And all of that combined, my friends, is feel good living.

Do you make fitness a family affair?  How?  Share your ideas below.

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