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Make Friends With An Affirmation:

Posted Jun 23 2008 8:02pm 1 Comment

By Carole Fogarty

Today mind/body research is confirming what ancient healing traditions have always known: The mind & body are a unity” Christian Northrup MDa note from me over at Twitter


Rejuvenate You: How I chased away my cold/bug in two days:

There are always clues or answers right in front of us, if only we allow ourselves the space to pay attention.

Most of the time I do and sometimes I don’t. But luckily, this time I did.

My supa dupa successful weapon which fought off my recent bug or infection (I didn’t even name it - what’s the point) was found in a dvd. A dvd which, I might add I ordered from the library about 3 months ago. It’s timely arrival 3 days ago could not have been more perfect. I was feeling far from well.




You Can Heal Your Life:

Of course the title of the dvdYou Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay,was even more perfect than the arrival of the dvd itself. It stopped me feeling sorry for myself and reignited my passion for affirmations.

Louise, in case you don’t know is the founder of Hay House, is in her 80th decade, survived cancer, written lots of books and facilitated a life time of workshops on the power and healing ability of affirmations. I saw her over 15 years ago and have loved her, and the power of affirmations ever since.

Ah, now if you are already jumping ahead and thinking, ‘Affirmations will never work for me” then you will be impressed with the numerous authoritative speakers Louise has throughout this movie.


Dr Mona Lisa Schulzwho has a doctorate in behavioral neuroscience convincingly shared that affirmations:

  • have a bio chemical effect
  • have a neuro chemical effect
  • and a neuro pharmacological effect on the body


All of which re-wires the brain so it lights up differently. Our mind then communicates to our body differently.


Dr Christiane Northrupshares how she cured her severe migraine headaches simply by changing her thinking. If you have ever read her awesome bookWomens Bodies Women Wisdomyou will know that she is very practical in combining her traditional medical background with a holistic approach to healing our bodies. I borrowed her quote for the opening of this article.

And just is case you think affirmations are new age ……………………..


Dr Emile Coue(1857 - 1926), (not in the movie) was a French pharmacist who at the beginning of last century opened a free clinic. He offered his clients an affirmation (or as he called it way back then a “conscious autosuggestion”) in conjunction with their medical treatment.

Coue believed that dysfunctional thinking patterns could worsen an illness. The Coue method offered a very specific ritual as part of his mind/body belief. His clients were to repeat 20 times in the morning and 20 times in the evening the following affirmation:


“Every day in every way, I am getting better and better”


Many of Coue’s successors discovered that a critical ingredient for the success of his work was the mental repetitionwithout effort. For maximum efficiency the affirmation needs to be repeated calmly, without will, yet with absolute confidence and expectation of success according to Coue.


Fake It Till You Make It:

Sometimes the affirmation you are repeating seems like the furthest thing from the truth. And it is - at the time.

I can tell you when I started my affirmation 3 days ago“Every cell in my body is loved and healthy”, and my eyes were running and my nose running it certainly didn’t feel like I was healthy. But I continued to fake it until I could sense my body more relaxed and accepting of the affirmation.

Trust me, there is a turning point if you simply stick with your affirmation. It all starts when your body begins to soften and not tense up each time you say your affirmation and the back chat from your mind eventually gives up.

Now, 3 days later I am totally energized, healthy and so pleased the universe reminded me to use affirmations for my health again. By the way, 4 days later I am still using the affirmation.


Love your body and health more with an affirmation:

If your health or body is needing a boost there here is a list of some of Louise Hay’s affirmations that you may wish to explore.

  • I love my body

  • My body loves to be healthy
  • My heart is the centre of love
  • My blood and life and vitality
  • Every cell in my body is loved
  • All of my organs work perfectly
  • I see with love, I hear with compassion
  • My feet dance through life
  • I bless my food with love
  • Water is my favourite beverage
  • I know how to take care of myself
  • I am healthy, healed and whole


Thanks for reading this article, Carole

Come join me at my next WomensRejuvenation Retreat inBali, April 2009 or at theOctober 2008 weekend retreatin Queensland.


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My favorite affirmation: I am blessed.

It doesn't ask for anything nor does it have a goal tucked in there somewhere but it acknowledges a simple truth that just adds so much to my day when I stop to remember that I am, indeed, blessed.

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