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loss of consciousness with no warning

Posted by Tina

I lost consciousness 3 days ago, and doctors are not exactly sure why. I actually felt like they did not think I was really out for 1 minute since I was fine by the time I got to hospital. Can shock or an injury cause this, and what does it usually feel like (are there feelings that should alarm me)? I did not have any warning signs like dizziness, etc.

I am 49, female, extremely healthy (105 lbs, 5'3" tall, active, eat healthy, low blood pressure and cholesterol).

I received a severe blow to my right arm, which immediatley started tingling and felt numb. I stood up, shook my arm, and assured my husband I was fine. The next thing I remember was hearing my husband urgently shouting my name. He sounded very, very far off, and I felt like I could not, or did not want to wake up. Thousands of thoughts were going through my head. Somehow the urgency in his voice registered with me, and then I felt like it was an extreme stuggle to wake up. I felt like I was fighting with every ounce of energy I had to come to. When I did, I was disoriented for a short time. My husband said I had slumped back in the seat and was out for a minute. He said I was twitching all over. My neck was sore after I woke up, so we concluded that I must have gotten hit on the head too, although my arm took the brunt of the blow.

Is this typical? The way I felt, and would this cause me to black out? I did not feel weak or dizzy until after I woke up. I felt fine, so I had no warning that I was about to black out.

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Tina, my husband had a similiar loss of consciousness incident in July which sent him to the ER. He  was hospitalized 3 days and after all the tests were complete the final consensus was he'd had a simple vasovagal episode. (he fainted for no reason and his heart rate plunged.) If you type vasovagal into a search engine it explains the physiological happenings in more detail. It's the bodies reaction to an unconscious fear stimuli. 

My husband is a super healthy 55 year old surfer/4th degree black belt and the fire dept. paramedics were sure he was having a heart attack. I can't tell you how frightening it was walking into Starbucks and finding my husband lying on the floor  being zapped by parmedics...they said his heart rate dropped to 40 and they couldn't get a pulse.  my husband said he didn't have any dizzyness or real warning prior, only a slight gas pain in his lower right quadrant. Said when he stood up to walk it off and then sat back down he immediately "went out".  He  slumped in the seat and his head fell back against the chair. He was out about a minute then his buddies helped get him to the floor until the fire paramedics/ambulance arrived.  

Scary stuff, I  don't want to do that again! Good luck to you.  


The "twitching all over" that your husband witnessed may be a clue.  It sounds like a small seizure, which could be caused by any number of things (from a chemical imbalance to epilepsy).  I suggest seeing a neurology specialist and get some tests done to check it out. You might want to refrain from driving until you figure out the cause, in case of a repeat event?
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