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Lose weight by feeling how to move???

Posted May 14 2012 6:43pm

All the methods that exist today to lose weight are with our thinking mind. Take a pill, control what you eat with your mind and so on. What if we switched the paradigm to let the body inform the mind what it really feels like when we eat, exercise, talk, experience depression and so on. The best way to reestablish what it feels like to be in your body is through movement. However not the kind of movement we have become accustomed to – exercise, stretching, making your body do what your thinking mind wants without ever actually being aware of what it feels like – unless it causes pain, injury, discomfort or soreness.

Science now knows emotions develop through movement. If we are unaware of what it feels like to move we are unclear and unaware of our emotions too. If we don’t feel how it is to live in our body we also won’t feel when we are full, what our body desires or craves for food, or whether we need to move (exercise).

Eating disorders, obesity and many other myriad complaints that are endemic in our society today result from our thinking mind with no input from how our body feels. If we could get in touch with our body and out of the thinking mind things might dramatically change. I have a client that went through this exact process even though neither of us recognized it clearly at the time.

After a serious accident my client was in severe pain and discomfort and put on 100 pounds in 1 year. By the time I saw him he was close to 300 pounds. He came to me to see if I could help reduce his pain, which we did over the course of a year or so. He took 6 months off from seeing me to focus on his job and when I saw him again I almost fell over. He had lost over 100 pounds! I asked what diet he had been on and he looked at me confused and said he had not been dieting. So what was he doing differently? He said since he felt better he was doing more activities with his friends, walking, hiking etc. He also said he had changed what he was eating because the foods he used to like – bread, pasta, ice cream, sweets didn’t make him feel very well. He also said he doesn’t eat so often because he is out and about more. In the end he was as surprised as me why he lost the weight because he did not have an intention to lose it, he was just feeling how to move better and was more in touch with how he felt!

He lost a further 40 – 50 pounds in the next few months as he overcame the habits and patterns that his thinking mind had cultivated for many years. Today he is not overweight and doesn’t even think about it. What he does do is pay attention to how he moves in any activity at any given moment. He feels more present, aware and at ease, especially since he moved back to the Big Apple.

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