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Lose the Weight and Keep it Off

Posted Oct 31 2008 6:43am
Lose the Weight and Keep it OffIn the grand scheme of things, dieting really isn’t that hard. Change the way you eat, lose the weight - simple. Keeping the weight off, however, is an entirely different story, that can be HARD. In fact, studies show that sustaining weight loss can be extremely difficult, and without adequate exercise, nearly impossible. Why is dieting so much easier than sustaining weight loss? Because not everyone has a healthalicious attitude. Being fit is a way of life; a diet is merely a shortcut means of achieving a goal. Buzzle gives an excellent example for this: if a person were to only eat tuna and grapefruit everyday for two weeks, said person would definitely lose weight, but how long can a person only eat a diet consisting of tuna and grapefruit? Malnourishment would soon come into play, not to mention good old fashioned cravings and hunger.

Despite this, people still try crash and fad diets with the hopes of losing the weight and keeping it off. The major flaw with this formula is that eventually, they come off of the diet. Once this happens, they begin to gain weight again, in some cases gaining back more than they initially lost. I actually have another blog on this topic on hesfit that gives suggestions on how to keep the weight off once you lose it. To summarize:

  • Avoid diet pills - no need to rush the weight loss - you are making a lifestyle change; your life is becoming healthalicious. Focus more on proper nutrition.
  • Keep a journal - seeing your progress can be highly motivational and keep you fired up about your new lifestyle changes.
  • Set realistic goals - this may be the most important. Make sure that your goals are attainable - don’t set out to lose 30 pounds in one month. By setting goals that you cannot reach, you may discourage yourself and lose motivation to continue with your lifestyle changes.

Keeping the weight off is hard, but is not impossible. With the right attitude, you will achieve your goals!

Written by: Donnell Peavy

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