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Lori San Martin Guest Blogs: Are You a Weekend Worrier?

Posted Mar 28 2009 3:04pm

From Keri: I'm so thrilled to introduce some of the country best personal trainers who will join me in guest blogging for Radiant Fitness! This week, get the perspective from Los Angeles trainer Lori San Martin . (Make Lori feel welcome! Add a comment below, and a random commenter will win a free fitness DVD!)


It's Monday and once again I’ve started that weight loss and exercise plan I began last Monday. It all went pretty well until the darn weekend. Friday was a pot-luck and everyone brought something new. There were dishes I’d never seen before. I saw them and ate them. Sunday was a buffet, which I always find challenging in regard to eating healthy. To top things off my routine on a weekend is so different my usual cardiovascular exercise got put by the “weigh” side.


So, Monday arrives with guilt and a new vow to start all over again. And that’s where I go wrong. Not with the desire to begin eating healthy and exercising again, but the feeling that I failed over the weekend. Why not figure out a way to enjoy the extra fun things that come along in life, often on our days off, without self recrimination?

To begin with let’s get rid of phrases like; “I blew it. I was bad. I cheated. I pigged out.” We overeat and we condemn ourselves as if we did something immoral? What good does that do? How about replacing this way of thinking with thoughts that are kinder and non-judgmental? So you ate or drank more than you planned? Here’s what you do. First and most importantly, I hope you enjoyed it! Don’t ruin the experience with guilt. Secondly, don’t blame or shame yourself afterwards. These feelings will get you nowhere except perhaps back in the kitchen eating because you feel badly. Next, realize that a high calorie meal or two is not going to make you fat so don’t freak out. The crucial thing to do is to simply get back to your regular eating and exercise plan the very next meal. Don’t wait until Monday or the next day or after the holidays, start with THE VERY NEXT MEAL.


I believe in living in the real world which means pizza and beer, birthday cakes, buffets, and celebrations where delicious food and drink is a major part of the event. I call them CEE’s or challenging eating events. They are a part of our lives and always will be. Learn to enjoy them, and then get back to your usual routine. You will find that one or two high calorie meals do not negate all the good you’ve done the rest of the week.

About Lori:
I have been overweight all of my life but 10 years ago I lost 45 pounds and kept them off. It took 2 years to lose the weight but I did it by exercising and eating healthier. At age 55 I am a certified personal fitness instructor and specialize in a gentle approach to weight loss and fitness. My focus is on how we think and how that affects our choices. I got fit and I believe you can too! Visit Lori's website today!

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