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Local Feel Good Living: Massage Therapist Jaime Fencer (review)

Posted Feb 13 2010 5:15am

New! In support of my local community (Massachusetts)each week I will highlight newsresources and people to connect you to information you need to experience feel-good living.

Massage is indulgent to somea therapeutic necessity to others. Massage is a great stress management toolrelaxation tool and a perfect healing therapy for athletes and those with a lot of muscle tension.   I use it therapeutically to relieve muscle tension that builds from things like exercise and sitting at a desk.

Which is why I’m so happy I met my new massage therapist Jaime Fencer.

Jaime is more than a massage therapistshe is a yoga instructor and certified Reiki Master.  She knows her stuffphysically and energetically.  There is no fluff involved with a massage from Jaime.  And that is “feel-good living”.

What I like Most About Jaime:

  • She listens. Before she begins each session she asks you if there is anything in particular you want to work on.
  • Her voice is soft and soothing. Just talking to her gets you in the mood to relax and unwind.
  • She’s strong. Don’t let her size fool youshe has the ability to go deep into your muscle tissue and relieve the tension that has built from the week (or monthor however long it’s been since you’re last massage).
  • She keeps quiet. I’ve had massage experiences where the therapist talks to me for the entire hour.  Not relaxing or therapeutic.  I prefer silence or soft music in the backgroundnot conversation. I get that with Jaime.
  • She makes house calls! Depending on a couple of factors like your location and a referral from me or someone she knows (to ensure that she is entering a safe home!) she makes house calls.

Room for Improvement
I believe that we all have room for improvement – there is always something more we can learn about our craft.  Howeveras I think about the things I would improve:

  • Longer massage session
  • More frequent massage session
  • Wish she brought more of her energetic knowledge to the session

I realize these are all on menot her.  I know that if I asked her for more energy workI would get it. I haven’t asked.

Jaime practices massage in Bostonthe South Shore and Cape Cod.  She teaches yoga in those same locations.  She’s passionate about her workresponds to appointment requests quicklyand has always followed up immediately with any referral I sent her way.

Feel Good Living Rating: 4.5 hearts.
(New! Rating system1 (not so feel good) to 5 (extremely feel good) “hearts”logo coming soon).

How to Reach Her?
To schedule an appointment with Jaime contact her via phone or email (and tell her I sent you!)

Jaime Fencer
617 688 7714
fenna13 (at) aol (dot) com

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