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Living Sustainably in San Francisco

Posted by Nirmala N.

Spring cleaning for the mind and body is a no-brainer, but regular apartment therapy can be just as crucial. Lucas Heldfond's chic eco-friendly boutique provides an assortment of nontoxic, high-end items for the mindful consumer. Heldfond began his enterprise three years ago, after deciding that making his home baby-safe for his new son, Oliver, went way beyond minimizing sharp edges. Since indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air, his mission was to find responsibly produced, all-natural products to be tested in their home. Heldfond's finds, which hail from all corners of the world, are beneficial for the environment and your personal style. The chemical-free offerings include an olfactory-wowing selection of Method Home cleaning products, contaminant-filtering HEPA vacuum cleaners, Anna Sova paint made with food-grade ingredients, and sateen organic cotton bedding. Spring adds some needed razzle-dazzle to going green, with stuff like gorgeous soy candles and dapper baby garb. And adorable toddler Oliver still has the final say on all new merchandise. For more info, visit
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I think all of these things are great ideas, but they tend to be more expensive than regular products. (Unless, of course, you create "do it yourself" cleaning products by purchasing a large bottle of white vinegar at the grocery store.) I hope that these sorts of products can go beyond the boutique shop and just become available on a larger scale at more affordable prices. (Of course, there's that whole issue of competition from cheap imports from I'm not saying it would be easy.)
Some of the stuff at Spring is affordable, but you're right, Stephanie--going green often entails lots of needless expenses. I probably couldn't afford dt he majority of stuff at Spring except maybe for some of the household cleaning products, which is where I think it's good to start. I do wish there were easier, more accessible tips on how to live sustainably on a budget (sometimes, even just buying organic can break the bank for me).
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