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Little "but," Big Butt

Posted Oct 07 2008 6:14pm

"But" is a dangerous word. It begins every excuse,
every barrier people create in order to avoid working out.

"But I don't have TIME to exercise," say the huddled masses.
"But it's uncomfortable," "But exercise makes no difference."

You can be different. You can treat "but" for what it is and brush
it aside. Now and forever, you can get rid of
your but.

First, however, you must take a long, hard look at your but.
What excuses do you use to keep from taking care of your body?

"But I don't have the time."

We each get 168 hours per week. If you work two full-time jobs and sleep eight hours each night, you
have 32 hours a week to schedule in what is important -- including some exercise.

"But I'm just too tired."

Exercise helps you sleep better and creates energy: People who exercise "zone out" less often and take
fewer, shorter naps. They concentrate better and are more productive. If you are frequently exhausted,
consult your doctor to eliminate medical problems. Then examine your lifestyle to see where you can fit
a couple of 10-minute walks each day.

"But exercise is uncomfortable -- and I hate sweat."

You will experience discomfort in life, but you have some say about which kinds. If your heart pounds too
hard while you are walking, slow down to keep going. After all, the discomfort of a fast heart rate is
easier to fix than the pain of a heart attack. As for sweat -- consider it bathing from the inside out. Sweat
is, at worst, a minor logistical problem, solved with showers, diaper wipes in a desk drawer, a tube of
foundation in a purse or a change of clothes in the trunk of your car.

"But I've tried everything to lose weight. I just don't see the point anymore."

The despair inherent in this excuse comes from a sense of losing control over our bodies and lives.
Instead of focusing on controlling and changing your body, it may be time to change your mind. When
you approach weight loss as a war, you battle yourself, and therefore can never win. Instead of starving,
melting or burning your body away, therefore, try giving it what it needs and deserves: Great food. Lots
of movement. Water. Sleep. Love.

Your enemy is not your butt, but your but. So get off it and honor, treat and bless yourself with exercise.

P.S. Have the best (and lightest) holiday season ever! Registration is now open for beginner belly dance classes (102 and Fitness) so shake off your but and shake your butt!
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