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Limiting Core Beliefs

Posted by Neva H.

What are your core beliefs, things that you believe at the very core of yourself? How might those core beliefs be limiting your experience?

Discover your core beliefs
and you will understand why you struggle.

I have come to know this as Truth with a capital T, as opposed to truth....sometimes true, sometimes not.

After a long processing conversation with a fellow healing facilitator, I uncovered yet another core belief that has been limiting me. I could see, once the core belief was uncovered, how it colored all my actions in such a way as to insure a certain outcome. The outcome was not one that I consciously wanted; yet, it was ineviable.

Core Beliefs can be installed at a very early age, and typically are the result of your experience. As a child, we tend very naturally to believe what we see modeled by our most significant role models. We adapt beliefs without consciously knowing we are doing so, just by assumption based on observation.

Identifying core beliefs is vital to spiritual development because, until we know what we really believe, we cannot hope to understand how we are creating our reality; nor can we hope to change those aspects of our creation that become undesirable or limiting as we grow.

One of the best and most simple ways to identify core beliefs that are limiting is to ask questions that relate to the limitation.

For example, if you often find you are in fear at the prospect of trying something new, a good question to ask in meditation might by “Why do I believe I must be afraid?”

It’s also helpful to have a friend ask the questions, since they may be able to see your limiting belief structure even more clearly than you can see it yourself. You can explain, as I did to my friend this morning, what your challenge is and what happens when you attempt to create a new reality for yourself. That friend may then see some appropriate questions to ask you.

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Thanks for this post, Neva. It's astonishing how unconscious core beliefs can be at the helm of our lives in ways that we aren't even aware of. For me, things like fear and guilt tend to dominate but when I get to analyzing them and deconstructing them bit by bit, I find that I'm able to uncover and understand my destructive patterns in ways that lead me to healthier actions overall.

Nirmala: First of all, beautiful name.

Yeah, it's the blessing of being Divine Beings in form that some part of us always remembers that there's a deeper level of awareness and healing that can come after the initial layer of emotion is released. Our strong minds and personalities may label this emotion or that as primary but digging deeper, as you yourself has done, uncovers the core patterns that set the other emotional imbalances into action.

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