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Letting Go

Posted by Stephanie B.

Why is it so hard to let go some times? Why do we cling to things that no longer serve us? Why are we afraid to say good-bye to the past? What keeps us stuck looking backwards instead of looking fowards?

Just a pondering question...

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I think about this question a lot. I feel that in general, many of us define ourselves on the basis of what we have done in the past rather than who we are at this present moment. And sometimes, when we are feeling really crappy in the present, we tend to say, "Oh, it's because I did a, b, and c in the past. If only I hadn't!" So there's a lot of wishful thinking/yearning for things to be different. When it comes down to it, when we cling to the past (whether it's good or bad), it's usually because we can't accept our present circumstances or who we are at this very moment. I don't know--I think there are a lot of complex factors that keep us stuck in our past. I know I tend to expend a lot of energy looking back, and a lot of that has to do with fear of looking forward or simply noticing what's real and present.
I agree with Nirmala about this. As an actor, I frequently use my past experiences or the experiences of others to create a realistic character. I like to think of the things I've done as little parts of me- if I hadn't done x, then I wouldn't be here today. Then again, there are negative consequences to thinking this way- "If I hadn't done x, maybe I'd be living a better life". I too dwell a lot on the past, especially because I've had a lot of down time due to an injury. Maybe it's time to break the habit...
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