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Learn to relax and let go - Transform tension to energy

Posted Jun 27 2008 7:04pm

Bit by bit, piece by piece relax your body. Relax it upwards from toes to the top of the head. Pay special attention by staying a little longer where you feel more tension at this moment or in general. Breathe through each part of your body deeply and imagine yourself totally relaxed.

Let go of the tension in your jaws and facial muscles. Eyes and ears go deep within to the faculty of seeing and hearing. Relax your skull and inside of your brain by letting go and breathing gently through them. Relax your mind totally by observing your thoughts from a distance or with detachment.

Imagine, visualize, and feel that your skin is totally relaxed. Skin is the largest organ we have, feel the elasticity of skin in your mind.

Tension, stress, and strain are blocking your energy to flow freely when you are not able to relax and let go.

Transform your tension in to energy by releasing all the knots in your mind and body. These knots act as energy blocks. See yourself as an energy-being, flowing, and exchanging energy with all of your surrounding.

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