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Its Time To Pack Rejuvenation Into Your Hand Bag:

Posted Jul 21 2008 10:03am 1 Comment

By Carole Fogarty

Rejuvenate You:Carry a small “roll on” aromatherapy stick in your hand bag to use anywhere, any time when stressed, tired or feeling flat.A note from me at Twitter


Rejuvenation On The Go:

It’s time to add some potent rejuvenation tricks, tools and remedies into your hand bag or purse. Carry one or more with you at all times to balance any feelings such as stress, tension, tiredness, anxiety etc. that may arise. Feel free to switch them around (as I do) depending on where you are at in life.



photo by dhutchman’s


  1. Roll on some bliss:Buy one from your local health food store. It’s a small bottle the size of a lip gloss stick with a roll on top (like roll on deodorant). A quick roll on your temples, wrists or neck can offer you instant therapeutic support depending on the essential oil/oils you use. Peppermint essential oil for headaches, lavender essential oil to relax you, vetiver essential oil to ground you or rose oil essential (my fave) to calm and add some loving energy. Or if you are anything like me you might simply prefer to take the lid off and sniff the aroma. Yum, bliss in a sniff.


  1. Snack smart:When you are stressed you lower your magnesium levels.Magnesium is a mineral that is essential for your nervous system and adrenals.Nuts are high in magnesium so snack on almonds, pecans or walnuts when you are feeling stressed. Nuts will handle a battering in your hand bag, can travel anywhere and offer you quality fuel in an instant.

  3. Yoga in a bottle:Bach’sRescue Remedyor the equivilant here in Australia is Australia Bush FlowerEmergency Essenceare both exceptionally excellent for a quick fix. Both are flower essences that offer support to you in times of stressful and upsetting moments. I have personally used emergency essence for over 15 years now. It’s great for when you are feeling fearful, distressed or panicky. Every time my children hurt themselves they get 7 drops under the tongue. Emergency essences gives you the ability to cope by removing the stress and negativity from your energy fields. Calm and clear is another great combination blend from Australian bush flower essence range. It’s great if you are over committed, rushing, irritable and can’t sleep. Plus, they even makecalm and clearin a hand cream. Rescue Remedy can be bought in drop form, cream, spray or lozenges you suck.

  5. Ward of negative energy with a crystal:Have a crystal or two in your hand bag which you can hold in times of need. Alternately pop one in your bra or pocket to remove any negative energies around you. An article I wrote a few months ago calledcrystals in your bragives plenty of crystal suggestions such as black tourmaline for transmuting negative energies or labrodrite for strengthening your aura. Crystals are very clever little rocks and size does not matter.

  7. Hydrate your body:Did you know your brain uses a lot more water when learning something new. Also did you know that your muscles are around 75% water, blood 83% water and bones 22% water. A dehydrated body is a stressed body. Carry a bottle of quality water with you at all times. This is not really an optional item for your rejuvenation hand bag. Invite clearer thinking by staying hydrated. Invite healthier organs by staying hydrated. Eating water can actually be better than drinking it.Water content of most fruit and vegetables is over 90%. Grapes and oranges can be as high as 98%. Grapes are relatively easy to carry around assuming the day is not too hot. Of course make sure your water bottle is healthy and not loaded with chemicals and toxins.


  9. Spray away your troubles:Floral water sprays are easy to find at health food stores, spas and chemists. A few squirts onto your face can uplift and rejuvenate you in an instant.Floral water sprays usually have essential oils added that are particularly beneficial to your face and skin. Perfect for when you are feeling flat, hot and bothered or depleted.

  11. Sound therapy:Invite balance and harmony back into your body, mind and soul by listening to soothing sounds on your mp3 player. If you don’t have an mp3 player simply invite balance back into your body by humming. Yes, humming. Place your hand on your head and feel the vibration of your hum reach the top of your head. Humming is great to clear blocked energy, release built up stress and encourage all your scattered energies to come back into your body. The secret trick to humming is that you must smile. Why? Because I said so.

  13. Hand cream and lip gloss:Being the natural all organic girl that I am its worth visiting your local health food store to check out their lip gloss and hand creams. Most thoughtfully made products have essential oils and other nourishing healing ingredients in them such as homeopathic remedies. My lip gloss has the essential oil orange in it which unquestionably lifts my spirits in an instant. My lips love it.

  15. If all else fails try some hand yoga:A clever dose of hand yoga never goes astray. Place your left palm on your left ear and your right palm on your right ear. Gently move your hands as if massaging your ears in a smooth circular motion. Repeat in counterclockwise motion. Listen to the sounds of the ocean and your breathe. Repeat the mantra “I am calm relaxed and rejuvenated” to help direct your focus.



Thanks for reading this article.

Peace, love and chocolate, Carole.

May sure you check out ourwell being tool boxbefore you go: It rocks.


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Oh, hand cream is kind of a must for me. I always carry some sort of yummy hand cream in my bag, as my hands tend to get dry and it's also an immediate pick-me-up. I love Progeli's Crema per le Mani, which is completely all natural and smells like lemon.
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