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Its a Sick Monday

Posted Dec 23 2008 2:36pm
It was a long night.

My son started off the last week first thing on Monday morning with a horrific head cold. I kept him home from school on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Not that he couldn't have gone to school with a cold, but why expose all of the other children to a cold right before Christmas? I kept him home with me. However, he pled with me to go to school at the end of the week, not wanting to miss out on holiday festivities, and actually I needed him to go so I could do his Christmas shopping.

Thursday and Friday were pretty good. Almost back to normal in fact, just a stuffy nose, but it was improving... but in retrospect I realize that it was just the calm before the storm.

Saturday he told me that his ears felt funny, like they were covered with ear muffs and that he couldn't hear clearly. I instantly thought 'ear infections' but hoped I was wrong. No. By yesterday, the muffling feeling had turned to searing ear pain which resulted in screaming and crying and a whole night of walking him up and down the hallway to try and soothe him. A few calls to the Dr. on call and we got through the night. We're headed to the Dr. pretty soon this morning.

I may need the chiropractor after last night. Its pretty hard to soothe a young child who is the size of a linebacker. He wanted to be carried. Its hard to carry him. He's half of my body weight with the longest legs I've ever seen. Carrying him despite the pain and discomfort it inflicted on me (Moms conjure up superhuman strength for their kids, don't they?) I passed the hall mirror and I saw our reflections. It won't be too many more more years before he's the one carrying ME!

During the night I let the dog outside and couldn't understand the weird sound outside. I flipped on the light to be sure... guess what? It was FREEZING RAIN! Can you believe that on Saturday, it was 80 degrees? Now its freezing rain. Its no wonder that we're sick around here!

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