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It was another rockin' Saturday ...

Posted Nov 03 2008 8:47pm
It was another rockin' Saturday night in Madville yesterday. Hubby came home right at 5 (which after a zillion years of marriage and him coming home later than that, I was outraged that he was home 'so early') and asked me, "do you want to go to the movies?" I had already explored the movie selection in the next town (ours has no theatre) and there weren't any movies appropriate for our 4 year old except Veggie Tales' "Pirates Who Do Nothing", which I REFUSE to pay to sit through. Chinese torture would be better...

So the movies were out. Next? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do in this backassward town. Nothing. Made worse for us by the fact that our nearest family lives 1500 miles away save for a distant cousin of Hubby's in Dallas. We did even call him, but of course it was Saturday night, they had plans! Of course they did, everyone does... EVERYONE WITH A LIFE!

I sulked around the kitchen preparing dinner, which I loathe on Saturday nights. I can't remember it being so, but in my family maybe we routinely went out on Saturday nights to eat or something? I just hate, hate, hate to cook on Saturday nights and stay home. But I tossed in some chicken and settled in for Celebrity Apprentice- which, was entertaining. My hate for Omarosa made me forget my stagnant life for awhile. Then, small miracles! It had episodes back to back. What a rocking Saturday night. 2 episodes of The Donald! It doesn't get much better than that around here, folks.

I think its time... time to change our lives. It has been a blessing until just recently, the life we lead, I mean. It has been a magical childhood for my son, to grow up on a large ranch in Texas, where he has lived a simple life, raged on 4 wheelers and dirt bikes, befriended every type of 4 legged animal we could find, and lived like a cowboy. I am thankful he has had small town manners engrained in him. Its endearing to hear his, "yes m'am and no sirs" that city kids don't learn... I'm reminded frequently by winks from God, that I have been in the exact spot He wanted for me, doing exactly what He intended. We have all been content with our Simple Lives until just recently. Our son is getting older, needs friends, activities, and things to spend his brainpower and his energy, and old Mom and Dad are hurting for social lives and friends, restaurants, shopping, culture and city life. I was laughing to myself as I thought about this last night: it would probably take some getting used to for us if we moved to the city... stores open past 7pm? 24 hour Walgreens? More restaurants than Texas Burger and Sonic? Movies! Concerts! Museums! The list goes on and on!

I really think that being away from our families and our friends, coupled with the lack of culture is what is really eating at both of us. I know that people say that 'Home is where you hang you heart', but I just can't seem to find any hooks around here that are big enough for mine...
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