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Isolation – the perfect way to control the masses

Posted Aug 25 2012 2:11pm

What better way is there to control the masses than to  isolate them from one another thus creating fear and suspicion of each other. Human survival for many thousands of years depended on groups of humans gathering in herd like congregations called tribes, clans and so on. Each herd was distinct and usually fought or competed with other herds for supremacy and survival.

Today that mentality is with us still except we have added new dimensions. Our herds of today are divided by labels like democrat, republican, liberal, libertarian and so on. Within the herd more labels divide groups into smaller and smaller sets: wealthy and poor, single or married, kids or no kids, gender, type of job until the herd is divided into a few individuals in each group.

The leftover outcasts that don’t belong to a herd become paranoid, fearful, angry and disaffected; they may have an arsenal of guns and canned food in bunkers as they live in morbid fear of the hordes (herds) attacking them.  Sometimes they become so paranoid, fearful and angry at particular herds or groups within herds that they decide to attack first, hence increasing the incidence of mass shootings.

What makes the divisions dangerous is that each group fears every other group, even if the group is part of the same herd. Whether the feeling between groups manifests as disdain, contempt or being diminished the outcome is assured; anger, resentment, fear and loathing between groups and between herds.

How long will it be before one herd becomes so virulently extreme through fear and paranoia that it will try to destroy other herds. Other possibilities are that groups within a herd will destroy one another from within thus destroying the herd.  One thing is assured, every herd is in danger of self destruction from within as groups become more isolated, fearful and suspicious of each other.

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