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Is your belly fat all fat?

Posted May 16 2012 12:39pm

When we see people with big bellies we automatically think it is all fat. If your belly is big you probably think so too. Yet how ‘soft’ is that belly? If it is just fat it would be hanging down your front in folds because fat is 60% water. If your belly sticks straight out in front of you and is hard it is chronically contracted.

Most people use their belly muscles to breathe and that makes it chronically contracted. What if you learned to allow your diaphragm to breathe for you (that is what it is designed to do) and you learned to release the belly muscles. Your belly size would be reduced by at least 50% or more just by learning how to breathe from your diaphragm!!!!

Here is a simple test:

Breathe in – did your belly go in or out when you breathed in. If it went out you now know one of the reasons you have a big belly. If you are breathing from your diaphragm your torso would lengthen and the belly would be drawn in by the action of the diaphragm muscle. You can’t cheat by contracting your upper belly muscles to ‘lift’ your chest, that just makes the belly fatter higher up!

Another test is here:

Another interesting fact is that once your belly is not contracted it is easier to lose the fat, your brain just knows it needs to go instead of flapping about! In terms of health breathing from your diaphragm can reduce high blood pressure, stress, stiffness, headaches, low back pain and so much more.

Transition your breathing now!

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